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  1. with the /summon command in game you can spawn in a TAMED skeleton/zombie horse. so since Halloween is just around the corner why not have another horse? (I mean we only have 4 lol) so to keep everything in the Halloween spirit what is better than 2 Halloween themed horses?

    Zombie Horse
    health:50 (zombie horses via /summon have about 66 hearts so this is reasonable)
    Lore: This undead horse has came back to life for a limited time. The zombie horse is overall slow but can bust through a brick wall with its strength (simplify if needed)

    Skeleton Horse
    health: 25 (via /summon this horse is the same stats as zombie horse. but why not add a bit of variety?)
    lore: This undead horse has came back to life for a limited time. The Skeleton horse is fast and did hurdles in its lifetime but its bones are somewhat flimsy and has little strength.(simplify if needed)

    You can buy these two beasts in /shop for 20k each. making them generally expensive because lets be honest, who doesn't want a fast or strong undead horse?

    The only problem I can think of is since you can't find or tame it in wild it may be hard to implement it so where only 1 player can ride it and it works similar to the other horses.
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  2. Sounds interesting
  3. A lot of people liked my idea:
    EMC Halloween Promo.png
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  4. Not sure where, but I already saw this posted. I think someone responded that these horses were going to be reserved as a cosmetic/supporter perk rather than a promo.
    Other than that, I think it's an awesome idea. Maybe just one of the two horses would be enough, and maybe with semi-random stats.
    "Bust through a brick wall," might be false advertising. :p
  5. I was originally going to say something similar to what Fishmeal said.
    I'm pretty sure, though, that skeleton/zombie horses were supposed to be Staff only, since they can't be found normally.
  6. *Makes .Gif for zombie horse breaking a brick wall...*
  7. empireminecraft.com/threads/suggestion-halloween-promo.43225/
  8. think of it like this.... can a sword such as the flaming mob launcher be found normally? can a lucky bow be found normally? can horses with orange names in bold befound normally? put all of these into consideration EMC as plenty of things you can't get from normal terms.
  9. Just curiously, how do you do the colored name/lore? I'd be interested in creating some Halloween-y stuff myself. :)

    As fishmeal said, however, skeleton and zombie horses are a planned Cosmetic Supporter feature, and this would kind of take the point out of that. Good idea, though! :)
  10. The halloween promo (if you get one =P) has already been decided. But thank you for the suggestion.
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  11. That's not what I meant.
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  12. Sounds more like a prize than a promo ;)
  13. wait... there is a Halloween promo?! :) when will it be released? because I <3 promos
  14. Will be released...
  15. Oh okay. because October has like only two more weeks left... and some promos were released early.
  16. Well, I believe that EMC is doing a completely new approach this year.