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  1. it would be a nice feature that if you complete the maze at the verry begining of EMC that you get a signed book with the rules written in it so you never can forget the rules. (btw sorry for my bad english) if you know any improfments for this feature please tell and i would like if you say what you think of my idea.
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  2. /rules tells you them.
    It wouldn't really be needed.
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  3. yes i mean that but than in game (in the book)
  4. /rules ;)
  5. yes you are right it woudn't be needed but it would be a cool feature
  6. just write in a book! hand em out or something, spread the love.
  7. sure, if you give me enough books i will make them with love :D
  8. *Smash* Oww... My Forehead...
  9. If you're permabanned then appeal, upon tutorial completion you get a book called "Second Chance", which is basically a rule book and a note telling you to not do whatever you did again.

    If everyone got a rule book, with rules and a link to the guide in at the end of the tutorial, I can actually see it possibly being beneficial. People couldn't say they didn't know the /rules command, or that the guide wouldn't work for them, as they'd have the book with the rules in as a "physical" object.
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  10. i dind't know that you get a book when you were a banned player, and yes as you say people cant see they didnt know the rules or that the /rules command didnt work so they didnt know that wasn't apprecied. but if you give them a book it has to be a little interesting, so it not just is a book with the rules but a book with the rules but then written in a cool style (like you see every were on youtube)
  11. I like this idea. Good one dale.
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  12. thanks
  13. it would be cool if some people can make the rules look a bit like this kind of text
    ┃┃┃┃┣┓ (or something else)
  14. Anything like what?
  15. like the picture
  16. I would get a villager and trade that book for an emerald.

    It isn't really needed as they're pretty much already logical,if you're not sure for some reason you can always do /rules or come to forums and read them here.