[Suggestion] New Residence Location Commands

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  1. So currently we have these 3 residence location commands:

    My suggestion is to add the following to the list of commands. Moving a residence location and renaming a residence location. The commands would be:

    The benefits of having these would be if you made changes to your residence but want that same location name in a new location or no longer need a current location but can instead use it somewhere else. This wouldn't let you add any new ones, you would still need to be a supporter for that. At the moment you would need to become a supporter in order to add new ones. This is not meant as a bypass to being a supporter. This just lets you better use what you already have.

    Thoughts? Additions? Comments? Have at it :)
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  2. Thoughts... moving is already possible by simply re-adding the same name again. And when looking this up in the wiki then I think this isn't being made clear enough. Will have to add to the todo list for now, I'm celebrating my 2 years of Minecraft (with playing even more Minecraft ;))

    There is a caveat: moving is basically re-adding a new location then removing the temporary one. So if you're at your limit then it won't work.

    Renaming... When looking at moving then I think this won't work. Problem is that renaming (even in DOS or *nix) basically consists of moving or copying/removing. Meaning: I think this will be very hard to implement while also keeping the supporter limits in check. I can picture it happening when someone at their location limit (like me: 14/8) would try to rename something, only to be greeted with a removed location because they can't add anything new.

    I suppose one way to overcome this is to somehow bypass this limit in the command routine itself, but whether that is possible or not is beyond me (obviously!).

    So yeah, I like the suggestions, but I can't help wonder if those are actually possible due to the supporter limits.
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  3. I just tried this and got the 'you reached your limit' message. How is it done already?
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  4. By having a free space in your limits. I also can't do it on my main res. but my others don't have an issue. That's why I think the thing is done using add/remove, which then could provide issues with supporter limits.
  5. The "/res loc rename (old) (new)" command actually already exists, you can rename a location reguardless if you've already reached or exceeded supporter limit. :)
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  6. Whats the command?
  7. Exactly as I stated.

    For instance I renamed one of my locations the other day from potatowasher to potato, I typed "/res loc rename potatowasher potato".
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  8. Weird. I thought I tried that already.
  9. I checked it out (it isn't mentioned on the wiki) and I noticed that even though it does rename the location it also gives you an error message in return. Right now this appears to be an unsupported command so I'd be careful relying on its use. Things could work just fine, but there might be a risk (not saying that this is so, just stating the possibility).

    Either way... I'll do some investigating to check if we (contrib. team) missed something (always possible) or if this is indeed a hidden command. If so I'll try asking about it.

    Thanks for mentioning! Although... maybe no thanks because you got me a lot of new work to do :D (naah!)
  10. When I peformed the rename command, indeed I got an error message in return, but it still performed the operation.