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  1. I know this probably isn't the coolest of ideas, and I just thought of it now but I think there should be a promo or reward of some sort that is as follows:
    -Stick named something like "HomeRun Smacker" (or something else baseball bat related)
    -It would also be enchanted with:
    -Knockback X or XX
    -Unbreaking X
    -Sharpness I (for the intense damage)

    I just think it would be hilarious to see people flying everywhere from being smacked upside the head with sticks in pvp.

    Edit: And of course how to obtain it:
    -Winning it from some type of game or event
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  3. Good Idea I think.
  4. The knockback is too much
  5. Knockback 10 or 20? It better have one hell of a cooldown. :p
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  6. Gotta take that Gatorade shower cooldown to swing again
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  7. Yes all hail Xen!
  8. AAND, today is Clemente day!!! =P=P
  9. Haha glad some of you guys like it and yea, a cooldown would be wise to add in because spamming a stick on people and making them fly yards and yards isn't the funnest thing for the one being smacked
  10. Its just the knockback