[SUGGESTION] new promo / SS service idea

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  1. Heya EMC,

    I have been thinking about how there hasn't been a promo released for a while, the last "released" promo where the Valentines days flowers which are still sitting in the empire shop ( I'm not counting the carrot cake topper as you had to get it through an event) and as much as I love promos, I never want to use them, as I hate the feeling of rapidly loosing money on them. Which is why I'm suggesting a promo or a senior staff service to change this.

    What is this promo/service then Guilll?
    what I am suggesting is a way to make any item either Soulbound or Unbreakable , but for a fee.
    "how could this be implemented?"you may be thinking

    1) as a promo
    This could be done through having three items that are purchasable in the empire shop

    Items 1 & 2: Soulbound and unbreakable books - pretty self explanatory, you can combine any item with one of these books in an anvil to make that item soul bound or unbreakable. "But what about promos that are final?" that's where item 3 comes in handy

    Item 3: "The Final Anvil"- this is a special item that is, well, an anvil, however items with the "final" attribute can be placed in the anvil and can have any enchantments added to them (with an enchanted book) or be mended by combining a regular version of it (for example a damaged ham hacker and a diamond axe) - if this sounds OP that's because it probably is, which is why I suggest that the anvil can ONLY be used once

    I suggest that these items will be priced between 10-20k each

    2) as a SS service
    for the second way this can be done is by having a SS service where you pay to get one of these attributes added to any items, including final items (you will already have to have the item). this again could be priced at 10-20K per item

    Thank you for reading this long post, its something that I think could be really cool and I would love to hear you opinions about it. :)

  2. its a nice idea but i think its been denied before, also Currently the wait For SS services can take several days, im not sure we need to add more and make it longer?
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  3. This would muddle the value of those promos. If you want to use them, then use them. If you want to save them for later resale, do that. It would also add a layer of confusion when going to sell those items off and create a multitude of issues in its own right. I really don't think this would be a great addition.
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  4. bump....

    so far this idea hasn't been to popular... :p but I still think it would be a pretty cool way to let players create their own types of custom promos for a shot period of time, but idk ...
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  5. Been suggested before, it was denied for being too OP. The rich would just get richer as they would have indestructible unlosable god gear and never need to pay anyone to replace it.
  6. Yes denied before, but the longest wait on SS services (with proper bumps in the convo) isn't more than 2 days unless you only add one...
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  7. A little unrelated, but how do you even access the empire shop? I haven't gone there in ages.
  8. /shopworld
  9. If these services costed at least a hundred thousand tokens, I’d be okay with it. Probably more, considering the current lack of use for tokens, leading to the forced hoarding.