[Suggestion] New miniboss spawn system/timer

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  1. I spent 5-6 hours trying to spawn a momentus or marix just to find someone is afk there. Destroying the spawn rates for them. This current system is just plain crazy, spending 6 hours in the wastelands trying to spawn a mini boss is pathetic. Especially now people are after fragments. People spend HOURS in the wastelands trying to spawn a mini boss while someone is afk at the the spawn for NO reason.
    The new system should be this,

    - Each player in the Wastelands/frontier have their own timer (1 hour) one that timer reaches 0 a mini boss will spawn near you.
    - you MUST kill 15 enraged mobs in order to spawn a mini boss.
    - if your [Away] your timer will be Doubled (2 hours)
    - if you have a alt connected to the same IP address both you and your alt will have the same timer
    - if a player is within 250 blocks of you you both will have the same timer until someone leaves (first person that entered the wastelands will keep the timer while the person that left will have it set to 0)
  2. Isn't it supposed to be random?
  3. When there is more than one person in the wastelands the chances of a mini boss decreases.
  4. I think the new AFK system Aikar's adding will fix this
  5. hence why aikar was planning an afk system that about half the people hated utterly
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