[ SUGGESTION ] New group command?

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  1. My idea is that when you join a group, you should be able to type /group list and it'd list every player in the group. I wanted to suggest this because Ive joined 5 groups recently in the past week or so and I've wanted to know who was in the group ( mainly pvp to see who's on my team or not ) and I wasn't able to because theres not a command to list the players in the group I was in.

    EDIT: Before you join the group. Sorry :D
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  2. /c g
    /c who

    Not exactly what you want, but a nice alternative lol
  3. i like this idea
  4. Like chin said
    /c g puts you in the chat channel for groups and
    /c who tells you who is in your group.
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  5. I just meant for like before you go in the group, editing post for more detail :)
  6. join the group to see who's part of it and then if don't want be in it just /group leave. Nice and simple
  7. :confused:
    Ww2 got proven wrong.
    Good work, guys!
  8. Ive never said Im perfect :p
    I make errors now and then, this was one of them.
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  9. I always thought you were. :p
  10. I do that (join a group then leave immediately) in PvP a lot. The reactions are funny. :p
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