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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Erektus, Aug 14, 2015.

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  1. Current Free Titles
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    Above I have listed the titles free players may earn as they post more and are on the Empire Minecraft forums longer, it is a very short list. While I was thinking about these I thought up a new title that could be given to members who have been on the forums for two years and do not have supporter.

    It's not a big suggestion, and really not a necessary one. But it does look and sound nice, and I am sure the "Veteran Members" would enjoy the rank.

    Alternative/Another Suggestion

    For those who do not want to change their rank, a profile option could be added where they could select their title. If they wanted to keep their "Well-Known" rank they could select that option and if they wanted to update to "Veteran" they could select that one once it is unlocked.
  2. +1 simple and not too much hassle i think
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  3. I don't think it would be too much to add a new title, they have a trophy so the title could be awarded at the same time.
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  4. I see nothing wrong with the current quartz supporter titles. All forum titles are based off of trophy points, not play time and I see why think that needs to change.
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  5. It should be pretty easy to do. If I remember right, Xenforo lets you add titles to trophy points quite easily.
  6. Some trophies are based off of play time, so once the player reaches the point where they get the two year trophy, they could get the new rank as well.
  7. I being almost a 4 year veteran that would be nice
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  8. +1 cool suggestion
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  9. The Empire Veteran trophy is awarded for being on EMC for two years. What I mean is, all forum ranks are awarded based purely on the amount of trophy points:
    • New Member: 0
    • Member: 5
    • Active Member: 25
    • Well-Known Member: 45
    I don't see the need for a new title, anyway.
  10. Trophy points go up to 218, stopping at 45 leaves A LOT of space, earning trophies become useless other than a number to display on your profile.

    EDIT: Excluding referral trophies, a member has a possibility to earn up to 203 trophies, 50 of them coming from a trophy actually named "Empire Veteran".
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  11. I don't see how a new title will fix that. This has nothing to do with trophy points...
  12. I don't see why not. It personally wouldn't affect me (nor any supporter) but I can see why some people would like this. And hey; I bet some people are proud of being on EMC for so long, might as well give them a chance to show off a little.

    +1 from me, seems harmless enough.
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  13. According to your other post, new titles are awarded by trophy points.
  14. Correct. wiki.emc.gs/ranks-information
    So, if being on for two years means you're a well-known member automatically, what's the need for a separate title? It's definitely possible to be a 'veteran' before two years on EMC, anyways.
  15. isnt there a well known based off trophies and a veteran trophy based off time? you can be well known and only a month or two old. its rlly just a way to distinguish yourself without players having to look up your info
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  16. Looking at other long-term player's comments above, they seem to like the suggestion of a new title for longer playing members. The sole purpose of this suggestion was due to the lack of titles for free players/ex-supporters that have played on the server for a long time as well as put time into the server, establishing the foundation of EMC years ago. :D
  17. Forgot to make a poll. :D
  18. -1 I think it's pointless. Just saying.
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  19. Correct me if I'm wrong but the V has a very, very sharp point. So your statement is invalid, sorry. :D
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