[suggestion] new Event chat channel

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  1. New idea for a channel,"Event"
    Event holder would use /event create [name of event] to create an event.
    Other players would type /event join [name of event] to join.
    joining and event would let you see the messages typed by the event holder, and also mute town chat (/tell would still work), Only the event host could post messages to ensure that they are not lost in the chat of other players.
    Also an event host could add other hosts that would be able to post messages in the event chat with
    /event host add/remove [event name] [player name]
    example; JJtheWise is hosting a Drop Party and wants to create an event,
    /event create JJtheWise's Drop Party
    JJtheWise wants to allow finch_rocks_1 to also comment on the event
    /event host add finch_rocks_1
    TheWiseBiscuit hears about the party and wants to join the event,
    /event join JJtheWise's Drop Party
    when an event is created it would display in town chat
    EVENT JJtheWise's Drop Party
  2. With some tweaking, this would not be a bad feature.

    How would you end said events? Could you create a time thing on said events?
  4. That could work, or maybe a command ,/end event, or /event end