[Suggestion] New Enraged and/or Miniboss Drop

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  1. Items: Special Wooden Plank, Special Iron Ingot, Special Gold Ingot, Special Diamond, and Special Leather.
    (Wooden Plank, Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot, Diamond, and Leather)
    Ability: Each item has the ability to fully repair the tool it is designated for. Say you have a special diamond pickaxe that is on 0 durability. If you use the Special Diamond to repair it, it will be fully repaired while only using that one diamond.

    It would be dropped only by Enraged Mobs and/or Mini-bosses. The drop rates would obviously vary.

  2. I like it, but it would have to be disabled for promos/rares. Also, I think it should JUST be a diamond because, well, who uses stone/wood tools when they either kill a momentus/marlix or have the money to buy a special item from someone else?

    Besides, stone/wood/gold/iron tools are so easy to replace I don't see them getting much use other than being a collectible.
  3. I like this, or even a repair voucher of sorts that can be applied to a diamond tool/armor at any time for the repair equal of a diamond in an anvil.
  4. It only takes 1-3 diamonds to fully repair a tool, anyway. 2 for a sword. It would probably have to be usable on Final tools to get people excited. That might be too OP unless it's like a one in a million drop.
  5. Actually, it takes 2-3 diamonds and several levels to repair enchanted tools, so many people would be excited about this anyway. :)
  6. One diamond shovel in the anvil will repair any enchanted shovel for 39 levels. The levels part is nice, but I didn't really catch that part from the first post. I agree that's a big deal. People pay for xp bottles, and that's like 1,000,000 xp bottles. :p
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