[SUGGESTION] New Economy Plugin Feature?

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  1. So, i had an idea while i was playing Runescape a while back (EEw, Runescape...) of an addition to make to the economy plugin or whatever EMC Uses...
    Basically the idea is that this addition would log all the shops in the empire (All servers, including utopia) and average them all for a certain item. so, for instance, we can find the average price really easy on a page here on the website, and have an idea of the price range of that item. it can also be a way to find really cheap shops, it can tell you if a shop is in stock or not.

    (Additional ideas Welcome!)
  2. i like this
  3. Off topic: RuneScape was good, then they had that combat update..

    On Topic: So, something that averages to price? Its a good idea.
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  4. I think thats its a good idea. I'm always wondering how much I should sell an item for. Also if it does tell you if a store is in stock or not, that would be awesome because it would make finding items that much easier.
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  5. I agree I would find this useful and I'm sure other people would to I have to ask what is the average price of ... Item
    Is because I usually when ever I'm on EMC I am making or restocking my shop but of course there is a down side 1 is that people will go lower the. This price for his or her items to get more sales and 2 people will only go to the lowest prices instead of forgetting and getting items from that higher priced shop that is always in stock
  6. OK, so mabye the bit about saying the lowest priced shop shouldn't be in...
  7. Pretty much like in most MMO's you have the auction house listing? That's what I'm imagining. I wish there was something like this cause I never know how much to sell stuff to people for or the average prices for stuff. I usually end up looking around until I can find something that isn't small amount of item, big amount of rupees.