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  1. There's been a lot of resident teleport system upgrades over the last few years; including buttons, pressure plates, etc ... but what about the traditional nether portal? The nether portal currently teleports you to residences, but it doesn't take you to exact tpsign locations ... I believe this would be a great thing to have for a lot of people still.
  2. This sounds like a great idea, I’ve been after something like this for use in maze puzzles for a while.
    Although the RTS plate system is great, nether portals have a nice aesthetic for puzzle building.
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  3. What if there was a nether town, when you create a portal on your res (for example 3477) it will take you there in the nether town?
  4. surely this would require you claiming a nether res as well though? ;) though that could be a possible addition to the servers in future I believe Elites idea is based around utilizing the existing portals which take you to /town or /res number to incorporate /tpsign
  5. it could be both - just you'd have the nether town i suppose on a sign under them (or none at all) for that... but mine is based on putting the rts sign under the portal and it working with tpsign command :3
  6. No. No nether town. Not ever.
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  7. Noone cares for your reply,SkyDragonv8...
  8. Are we talking about a nether portal taking you to a nether town or a nether portal taking you to a normal res? Just confused. Cause before RTS System plate i think nether portals were already a way to transport to other res's ... so idk what you mean.
  9. I love this idea!
  10. What he means is having Nether Portals act in the exact same way as RTS, give them a revamp so you can use them to teleport to a specific location on your residence (such as your storage or sheep farm).
  11. Topic for a different thread, back on topic,
    Kells18, the idea is to allow nether portals to teleport to a set location within the /town world. this could work the same way as the RTS system but via a nether portal instead of pressure plate. The old pre RTS system used a sign 'under' or 'on' the portal with the base number for a residence, but say I am in my residence, and I wish to use a nether portal in a puzzle instead of a RTS or even in 1.7 I want to use a portal to send a minecart to a location for what ever reason, maybe for use as a key if minecart flag is set False, I would either go to the location and do the /tpsign command or stand in the prebuilt portal B in my res that I want to link portal A type some command or place a sign beneath/on again with a link command for the two.
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  14. Le bump for interest?
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