[SUGGESTION] Nether Miniboss

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  1. I poked around on the boards pretty far back and I'm not sure this has been suggested before in the past. However, with the recent update to increase the Mini-boss spawns, I was wondering "why not a Miniboss in the Nether"

    We have 2 of them in the overworld. Granted, this is where A LOT of players spend their time. However, quite a few love hunting/gathering in the Nether and would be an interesting addition.
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  2. I think it has been suggested, idk who said it but i remember reading it somewhere on the forums. Anyways I do love the idea!
  3. Netherhounds? I understand what you mean though, a new miniboss may be nice to have. +1
  4. Picture a Ghast coming forth. That Ghast is on fire - not like it fell in lava, but like it's enchanted with some sort of flame cloak (completely stolen from Skyrim :p). The Ghast summons blazes to do its bidding, all the while sitting back and watching fireballs pummel the player.

    I may expand on this later if I feel it's a good idea. Watching thread for now. ;)
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  5. I was thinking a pigman jockey. With same aggro mechanics as other pigmen, summons other pigmen. (Already this seems to be the thing of nightmares.)
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  6. I'd like to see a pigman in full enchanted golden armor riding a (flaming) skeletal horse. That, in my opinion, would be amazing.
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  7. What if it fired blazes?
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  8. With a super rare chance of dropping an egged version of said horse.

    *Edited* Name it Phantom Rider.
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