[Suggestion] Names and eggifying.

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  1. Hi there, so this is just a suggestiong about improving something that already exists after 1.5 via, I suppose, coding. It's something small and silly so I know that, if it was to be implemented it would be in a long time.

    It's about naming spawn eggs. As it is right now, you use 5 levels to name a spawn egg, then the mob shows that name. It would be cool if it kept the name when you eggify it again, not because of the cost of naming it once again, but to create a game of find and eggify.

    And that's it, opinions are welcome :)
  2. I was actually wanting this feature to be added in too, but I just never thought to actually post a thread for it. I hope this gets implemented. :)
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  3. I would love for this to be added
  4. This would be soooo awesome!
  5. i want this soooooo bad :)
  6. Yeah, that's a good idea, and it can be made more easily then for renamed blocks, cause mobs save them in each case for their name tag. So I think this is not to hard to implement, and I hope it will be added.
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  7. I think this is a good idea and should be implemented. I don't think it would take to much to add this.