[Suggestion] Name change to "Introduce Yourselves & AMA's"

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by AlexC__, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. Just a small suggestion to change the "Introduce Yourself" naming and descriptions to something like "Introduce Yourselves, Birthdays & AMA's" or as displayed in the title. There's a lot of spammy posts like this IMO, so it'd be great to direct them/have them moved to the correct forum instead of them being spread out in Misc and Community Discussion.
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  2. So that kind of posts do belong to the introduce yourself section?
  3. Not officially, but it would be much better for all and less spammy if they were restricted to that forum. :)
  4. I don't think that's a particularly good idea, because then the new players introducing themselves would get lost amoungst the other stuff. Keep it in Misc I say, I don't think moving the posts around would be less spammy, if you find those sort of posts spammy.
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  5. Or we could just make a new forum section for Birthdays and AMAs
  6. A minor issue, but a good point
    I'd be less likely to run into them if they're kept in the designated section though. I don't like going into the Comm Discussion and then seeing half of it full of AMA's/giveaways. :)
  7. They'd go well with the current forum
  8. Giveaways should be in community discussion I think, as I imagine most people in the community like free stuff. AMAs are generally just silly questions anyway and I think should be in Misc.

    On the other hand, you could do what I do, and just ignore threads that don't interest you ;)
  9. I do :p
    Giveaways alone should be in Public Events, not the Comm Discussion.

    It's super easy to do a name and description change so that AMA's are directed towards Introduce Yourself. Even in Misc, it's still pretty spammy when I'd like to see other kinds of threads, although I agree that that it would be fine to direct them there instead, just not CD.
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  10. I think Misc is fine for AMA's just make sure that we stress that AMA's alone do not belong in the community discussion. Also if there is any type of giveaway in it, it would go in public events.