(Suggestion) Multi-Player Ender Chests

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  1. My brother and I are working on stocking our shop, and it's a little tedious to have to walk way out to a safe place that won't be found, stock up, walk back, and repeat every time we need to. Yeah we can set our spawn there, walk back, die, then repeat, but still it's rather tedious. I think if we added a way to allow multiple users to access and Ender chest that would be AWESOME.

    I could be on smp4 in the wild doing my thing and put some diamond I found in the chest. My brother can go to smp4, go to my res (Which has a sign or something allowing him access to my chest) and he can pull the diamonds out, /vault, and bring them to our smp1 shop. I don't know how ya'll would do it, but I think that would make stocking a lot more convenient, helping users get what they need when they need it fast.
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  2. Sounds cool but you would have to rewrite part of the code for ender chest
  3. My brother was saying that, which is why I'm suggesting it for you guys to figure out :D
  4. The biggest problem with this, is that the functioning part of EnderChests that we use, are Vanilla coding. The only things we can really alter are what has been API'd by the Bukkit team. Its one thing to tweak a wrapper (Bukkit/Spigot) its another thing to poke at the source code. You could easily destroy any code that might have dependencies to the one change you want to make. At least with editing something in Bukkit, you know the basic Minecraft stuff will work.

    Im not saying its impossible. But its chances are highly unlikely. While I am sure your brother and yourself can sit there and transfer 48 stacks of blocks at a time with no worry of trust, you have to think about the potential abuse. This is always a major factor for decisions like this. We may not be 100% vanilla Survival anymore (or ever :p) but adding things like that essentially takes away one major aspect of making the wild a place to traverse. And things like this will be obsoleted anyways with the coming of the Wild Outpost Updates (ETA 2021) so just hold on to your hat. :p
  5. That makes sense, thanks! And are you saying this awesome new update is coming in a mere 8 years? I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it!
  6. Who doesnt? I mark off the days on my calender. I use little Aikar stickers to cover up the days gone by. Decorate it with little hearts and such.
  7. Aikar stickers? I think the wife may get a little jealous.
  8. My wife gets jealous of Aikar. And when she does, I tell her 'Listen, I married you. Aikar was not around then, so be thankful'. And we move on.
  9. That's good then. Make her accept it. A bromance doesn't have to interfere with your relationship with a girl. A GIRL ON THE INTERNET! She's a keeper!
  10. Thats a great idea!
  11. That's a great idea although you would have to somehow agree with the other player so let's say you typed a command saying they had access they would have to accept too gain access too your enderchest as it would combine the inventory...
  12. The more people that support this, the more pressure there is on the senior staff to make it so. Woooohoooo go peer pressure!
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  13. This would really help if your friend asks for a stack if coal etc. and you dont want to go to town :p
  14. Well like I said earlier, I could be in my utopian outpost (over 16000 away on both horizontal axis) and put what I find in and he could pull it out and stock our shop. He could also be in ISMOOCH's outpost in smp9 and send me stuff. So we'd both be mining at a safe location, minus the long walk home.
  15. I know little to none about what's possible and what works...but I will say that Aikar and I have discussed this in length in the past and DO like the idea of it. He mentioned when it comes time to adding wild out posts and [super secret future update removed], that he would at the very least explore this group chest/enderchest thing. :)
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  16. This sounds really awesome, I don't code but if it can be done it should..

    p.s. now I really am curious about that secret update in the future ice, dang you...I hate it when my curiosty is awakened lol
  17. Guys, This is obviously going to happen because Aikar will have to code it.

    And if this update happens, It will truly Ruin the economy. Why? Well Then it will be so easy to transfer objects from 20,000 blocks in the wild (like your iron farm) to your shop in seconds! Don't you think that will at least change a lot of the prices? So yes Guys Aikar will do this...
  18. Then Play Curiosity
  19. The idea is good, but I dont like it. I like having my enderchest on each server, with separate inventories. Although I have heard that it was going to be added then vault to be taken away.

    EDIT: I completely missed the point. But this could take a long time and mess somethings up or not even be possible.
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  20. Haha I didn't think about it like that...

    But we've talked about this before.

    I'm going to open a new thread for discussion on this for ideas.