[Empire Vault / EnderChest] Idea thread!

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  1. Thank you Aikar!!!! Looks great!!
  2. Ok, so I have my diamonds in my wild enderchest. I die to return to town. I open it in town to find it full of dirt nick_something gave me. Then what? I dont want to return to the wild and place and enderchest because I dont have a silk pickaxe
  3. Assuming that Nick_Something has access to your enderchest/vault, right? Well first of all, you'd hope that Nick wouldn't be that silly. But couldn't this happen with normal access chests?
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  4. So you could put an access sign above the ender-chest to allow multiple people to access the shared vault, or to allow multiple people to access your vault?

    eg: If players A and B have an access sign above an enderchest, do they have a unique vault that is for player A and B, or is this merged with their individual vaults?

    Could these access signs be like lock signs as well? Or would be need to hide the enderchest still so people didn't fill the area just outside the PRA with them?
  5. As permissions in town work, any access YOU GIVE to anyone is your responsibility.
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  6. Nick_ Godoy? xD
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  7. You're smart.
    Now I'm even more scared of what you could do on the day you finally destroy the economy...
  8. You missed my point. Nick_gody or something gave me loads of dirt, to pick it all up I filled my enderchest with it. But how will I get my diamond from the wild? I dont have silk touch on my pickaxe and dont want to lose my enderchest. Unless they add an enderchest to the wild spawn.
    There we go!
  9. Whats your guess about who will post the first thread on 'PLAYERX Stole from my enderchest!!!!' xD
  10. I believe the idea is to keep it a bit challenging, by forcing you to have a hidden ender-chest near spawn (but not at it). So you can't just vault stuff out of the wild, you have to do a bit of walking still.
  11. I dont understand how did i get into this?? xD

    EDIT: Sorry somewhat off topic no need to reply :p
  12. Beacuse you filled my vault, enderchest and invo with dirt! xD
  13. I believe that it should be accessable in the wild as well. Maybe make the enderchest the size of a dc, and make it cross server as well?
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  14. They cannot change the size of the enderchest. I think. It changes the laws of Minecraft.
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  15. That sounds nice, but it would ruin the point of this server being "survival" If you die in /wild it would be so easy to get your stuff that you had to /wild..
  16. i don't like the idea so much.. i like having access to vault, where ever i am, i don't want to have to be bothered with finding a ender chest..
    like, when i'm 200 blocks in the air and i need more of whatever item i'm using, it would be a pain to have to go back to where that chest is, open it, get items, and make my way back up... building a 1 block wide wool art in the air, its kind of aggravating to have to make your way back up. :mad:

    same goes with the access given to other peoples vault, i don't like that idea either, i think the /vault needs to stay the way it is, because its perfect the way it is.

    maybe if you wanted to change the way ender chests works so that the wild idea works or whatever? but i don't think combining chests with vault is a good idea.

    it would aggravate me, and inconvenience me more than being helpful.

    how about how big ender chests are? aren't they only a small chest size? do you know how long that would take to gather an auction you won of 4 double chests of something? you'd pay so much in stupid fees for it...

    yeah, i don't like idea. :(
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  17. Reguardless, if you die its not hard to get backup stuff from the vault and start back to your base, or even spawn on your bed and go get it. If a player is responsible and they are going to be in the wild then they should havea bed, and not venture too far from where their setup is. And what about using enderchests in town and carrying the stuff to the wild, having and enderchest right on the outskirts of the protected spawn and using that to transport goods back and forth?
  18. But that must mean that you put the dirt in there before the diamonds, so why place the dirt in there instead of dropping it to the ground - that way you keep your diamonds in there.

    I must be missing something lol
    EDIT: Nevermind - I think nfell was. :p
  19. for the record, /vault would still work in town...

    Just for shared access it would require an enderchest.

    Plus, the details of sharing isnt ironed out. Were looking for ideas from the community there!

    And nfell: The idea is the wild enderchest and the town enderchest are completely different and not linked!

    Once you return to the wild, your diamonds will be there and not the dirt.

    also, we can (and will) be increasing enderchest to double chest. It can actually go higher than that but the client glitches visually for it.
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