[SUGGESTION] Move res locations

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Good idea?

Yes 3 vote(s) 42.9%
No 4 vote(s) 57.1%
  1. So currently we can only add/remove res locations once we've placed them, but what if we want to move one? For supporters this is not a problem as they can just a delete it and replace it. But what about us previous supporters who can only place one but have over 20? We can't do anything. That's why I propose there be a command to move current locations that you have set. The command could be /res loc move [location name].
    Thoughts, ideas, opinions?
  2. I am going to have to say -1.

    That command is sort of adding a /res move for non-supporters. It is just not what I want. Maybe the res of the community wants it.
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  3. I can see a few problems with this. First off, where would the residence go? We can't claim land in wild yet and you can't just pop up outside of the town. It wold need to go to another residence location. Secondly if you were to move your residence to another residence, that person would have to agree to switch places with you. I could see that it might be useful if you wanted to switch server, but the same problems still apply. If no one ever wanted to switch spots with you, then what's the point?
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  4. You just completely misunderstood this suggestion.
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  5. I mean this
  6. OH, so stupid of me. I thought you meant something completely different. :confused:
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