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  1. We have the TEXP and Refferals, but what if we had kills. Not player kills but mob kills. Every time we kill a mob we get 1 kill. Any mob. We would start fresh since it's new and yeah. I think this would be cool to make. If he can make TEXP, he can make kills. I think this would be fun to have to see who can kill the most mobs :). You will have to do the majority of the damage though, so your auto farms of ender men and stuff won't work. You will have to go to the wild/waste and kill those mobs. What do you all think?
  2. Want to have a most kills leaderboard? I don't but I am sure others do.
    Want to make it so you HAVE to deal most of the damage? Not sure how the leaderboard will know that but I still am not for this idea.

    People can simply kill chickens and such.
  3. Don't you think this is redundant? The majority of XP comes from kills, and again, those people with the capacity to grind for hours will be on top.
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  4. TEXP generally means mob kills :p. Also, something like this might cause more lag. It is another item the system has to handle. The system already has to juggle a chainsaw with several basket balls, while unicycling on a tightrope on fire.
  5. Isn't texp just who can afk the most to do enchanting? What will stop players from just doing that to this? I've already modified my ender men farm for heads, I could modify it for this too.
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  6. I agree, all it takes is a higher kill space in your grinder for it to be compatible with this :\
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