[Suggestion] More ways to buy supporter please.

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  1. I just set up a quick Paypal account so that I could put my new hundred dollar pre-paid Visa on it, and buy supporter. Paypal accepted all the info and everything, but when I tried to purchase diamond supporter status, it said that is did not accept the card. These cards are my only way of buying things on the internet, and PayPal is the only service I have ever seen reject a Pre-Paid Visa. So my question is would it be possible for EMC to get a second way to pay for subscriptions. I know that there are a lot of people out there that have this same problem. Also, before you go telling me to just link my bank account to my Paypal account, no. Paypal is much to easy to hack and I don't want my money being stolen because of a third party's lack of security. So again, any possibility of a second way to buy supporter?

    EDIT: One thing that EMC could use as a second option is Moneybookers, they are secure and easy to set up from what I can tell.
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  2. I can't help you with you're question, but I'd like to reply this statement you made

    I can assure you Paypal is probably the most secure site on the internet, More secure than MoneyBookers, If you're that concerned about security, I'd stop using a bank account - they're pretty easy to hack. (Compared to Paypal, that is)
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  3. A way to purchase supporter through Amazon would also be nice.
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  4. Try to pm IceCreamCow. he can give you a solution
  5. Paypal won't let you use a prepaid for a subscription, but you can send the money directly to EMC upon direction from IcecreamCow.
  6. I will look into doing that, will take a lot of convincing from me to my parents though. They will probably say no. But worth the try! Thanks for the idea.
  7. That link doesn't go to ICC's PMs.
  8. killerzone hijacked ICC xD
  9. Reported for swearing!!! That deserves a permanent ban!
  10. Not sure if sarcasm... or total overreaction....
  11. Both and none at the same time
  12. Ah, I'm an idiot.
    Normally, I just take the PM link from someone else and edit it. I think I missed part of that process.

    Either way, it's fixed now.
    The money is still going through paypal, just not using the Subscription Service tied to EMC. It's all going to the same place through the same things.
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  13. Ohhhh ok, I thought you meant through snail mail. This all makes more sense now. I will PM ICC right away!