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  1. Ok so, ever since I have came back to EMC I used to be able to pay for my Diamond Supporter through a prepaid card (gift card). But NOW I cannot do that anymore cause PayPal is so messed up with prepaid cards now. I do not own a credit card, and I have no family or friends that use credit cards to shop online (they simply do not trust it)

    EMC's rupees and supporter subscriptions run all through PayPal. I think EMC would be better if there was more way's to pay for your supporter like being charged with you're cell phone. Obviously the younger people with their cell phones would need parental consent first. I have noticed a lot of other people around EMC getting irritated with PayPal because they to do not have a credit card and cannot pay for supporter with a gift card.

    Using a cell phone payment option is nice because then you are not having to share information over the internet. Using the cell payment is really simple as well. This is my suggestion and I think it would help a lot of people to.
  2. Also maybe the option to select one time payment - instead of auto renewal
    and maybe also instead of just paying for one month at a time, maybe also have the option to buy 2 months, or 6, or 12 months at one go?
  3. Omg yes! lol i hate going for 1 month at a time D:
  4. I don't wan to reveal too many details yet, but the supporter system is being completely redesigned after Dragon Tombs.

    Things like this will be doable, and we will likely be encouraging other payment methods outside of PayPal (Might still offer paypal though).

    But also, we will be able to accept payment by Mail if needed. Please PM me if you would like to mail in a check.

    And in another note - with my ideas for revamping supporter system, upgrading the forums becomes much more doable....
  5. lol after dragon tombs aikar?! xP we will be paying with paypal for YEARS! I am jk. I appreciate the response and I am glad to hear there will be changes to this. I will PM you right now :D
  6. Wow. Seems like a lot to look forward to:) We'll see what happens as time goes on I guess:D
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  7. 1 month at a time is probably easier for many people, for monetary and payment method reasons, not to mention that server payments are monthly and it might become more difficult if the server is only getting money every 3-12 months.

    I really wish they'd take the auto-reoccurring thing off though. If you have a credit card and forget to cancel, it messes up your balance. I've done it before. o_o
  8. *crosses fingers that parents will let him get one month of iron after this update"
  9. Oh, and sorry for the double post, but when I try to edit a post, I just get a blank white box I can't do anything with.

    I'm all for having alternate payment methods, so +1 for the original suggestion of having a cell phone payment method.
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  10. Well you can always hit cancel immediately after subscribing. But options such as one time vs re-occuring are some of the things to come in this redesign of supportership.

    But basically I have to build it from the ground up, because the current system has deeply hacked into the forum software, which prevents us from upgrading the forums.

    So I will be designing it in a more detached way so that forum upgrade won't matter.
    You have to use chrome or hit more options to edit. New ver of firefox broke the editor and we need to update the forums to fix that.... which goes back to the previous message.
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  11. There's currently a direct pay button on the holiday promo page, which could quite possibly be added to the upgrades page *hint hint*
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  12. I'm just curious, how exactly does paying with your cell phone work? I'm only familiar with credit card transactions... I don't make them my parents do, I've heard of these cell phone payments however I don't understand them.

    Also I think keeping paypal as a supported payment option would be a good idea ;)
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  13. If you add in the ability to pay annually or quarterly a discount should be in place such as 10% or 15% being as a annual payment for diamond upgrade would be 12x20=240$ and being such a large payment at once the discount seems like a fair gift to the given user.

    Although much less trust worthy and may take many more confirmation steps at least 10 to be safe, I'd add in Crypto Currencies as a form of payment. So those who are into Crypto Currencies such as BTC,LTC have an opportunity as well.
  14. I'm looking forward to all of these updates :D I know it must be hard work though.
  15. There are a couple different ways but the main one i have seen are as follows:
    1. Put your cell number in the box provided to pay for whatever it is your buying
    2. Get a confirmation of what your paying for and reply back with "yes".
    3. then it would go through and it would notify you have payed and will get whatever you had payed for. (all in a text on your cell)

    So if EMC did it this way. You could still choose which supporter you want then just go through that step process
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  16. OH my gosh!!! Kells this is happening to me too! I Triedto get diamond with my pre paid visa Card, but it never worked! I traded something for a gold supportership :confused:
  17. Try doing it manually. If you go to the holiday promotion and then go down to "pay now" and put in like if you want diamond then you would put in $20.00 then use your prepaid card to pay it should work. Then just give ICC the receipt number (Transaction number) Then it should work. :) till Aikar gets the new payment system in place
  18. This new supporter payment system Aikar is talking about actually uses hamsters and AikarNags as payment, and gives you potato supporter in return.

    I may or may not be lying.
  19. I want that!
    Aka: Wow, that seems cool. I am gonna get that... Anyway nice volvo jack
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