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  1. So, I believe I put this in the Empire discussion thread for diamond supporters, but I think it'd be easier for people to see it in it's own thread then digging through one.
    What this would be:
    • For example, I have a current diamond supporter status. If I spend $5 more on a rupee bonus perk, I will get double the amount of rupees I have currently. This is what my idea is, more 'perks', meaning a possible more supporters.
    • AKA Upgrades for Upgrades.
    There could be packages that you can buy with your rank. Like a 'Titan' or 'Empire Delux' each with a variety of perks. Some of these new perks could be Pets, Rupee bonuses, Name 'tags' [ tag ], colored chat, more residences, and others.

    Please tell me what you guys think, just follow the rules ;)
    I myself think this could be a very cool thing to add, and it'd be easy to add more perks with this new system, so less complaining "I can't spend 2 bucks on this"
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  2. Would this apply only to diamond or to other supporterships? Say if I wanted the rupees, I could just get iron+rupee bonus. If it was $5 for the rupee bonus, it'd be easier to just get gold anyway, but as a thought.
  3. I like the idea +1
  4. i dislike the nake tags [tags] because every server i have seen with them... these kids pick crap [$megaawesome$$$$$] {CHICKA} [oneupbatman] that is highly freaking annoying. that takes up WAY too much space, looks like hell and is just ugly. with so many different colors and its just an eye sore. empire chat is the cleanest most amazing chat i've ever seen. i don't want it to change, i can't stand other servers and all the colors, and all the annoying crap that crams up the talk.
    nothing should ever, ever change when it comes to the chats. i'd turn off chat forever so i'd never have to see it. :(

    on other hand, i do like the idea of paying 5$ more to get more rupees, or 10$ more for another res, those are good things, that add to the game play and don't kill others eyes.
  5. lol. I see your point there, maybe It'd be better to not have >_<
    ;) :p

    I think it could possibly be based on rank, like only diamond supporters can get pets, or just regular members pay for a 'perk' alone.
  6. Agreed. Name tags are just annoying, all you have to do is go on a server and there is that ONE guy with the crazy tag in all sorts of colors that is long and just irritating.
    I don't understand why everyone keeps on sponsoring diamond supporter and keeps trying to find crazy ideas for it to buff it even more.. I am all for your idea and supporting the empire, but I think we should also be looking at our other supporters such as iron and gold. Iron is probably the most unpopular perk, gold is OK, but it seems like everyone wants to make Diamond Supporter overpowered with perks. I do have enough money for diamond, its just that I do gold so I have 2 months instead of 1. I am extremely fine with the perks we have right now. :p
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  7. This isn't suppose to be a thread about giving more perks to diamond supporters... ;3
    I've made a thread like that before, it didn't catch lol.
    This is suppose to be new options for people who can't buy iron to get a few extra rupees or one extra residence. ;)
    Many people complain that it is similar to the ban system where it's "All or nothing" Well with this, it'd be "Some, but not nothing"
    Packages or Upgrades would have a 'discount' dependent on rank, mainly because if I was already supporting, it'd be easier for me to get another, however each time you buy a bonus perk, if it is reusable the price would go up. ;3 So people couldn't just keep buying infinite amount of residences.
  8. Okay. If a player has 10 dollars and wants an extra res, that player could have gotten diamond or gold. IMO, we need some more perks for iron supporter. I think we should change a few things.

    I do like the buy 5 dollar double rupees thing though. A great perk would be to earn double rupees, so instead of making it a perk we could make it possible so you have to pay.

    So it should be if you pay 5 dollars, you get double rupee XP for one month. During events and official DPs they should have double rupee xp weekends. :p
  9. Sorry, couldn't help myself...
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  10. i so didn't even see that before.. lmao
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  11. You can already "buy" additional rupees, in any amount you choose.
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  12. But you can't "buy" additional residences, if you are already a diamond supporter now can you? ;3 Rupees can be bought at any amount, however paying 5 to 10 dollars each month for double your normal amount of rupees daily seems pretty fair to me. This way Gold supporters could get higher than diamond rupee bonus for a 3 quarters of the rice :p
  13. Okay, you players sure are good at saying things that creeps into planned things that forces me to leak details.... :p

    We actually are planning on completely redoing the supporter system, where things like this will be much easier...
    Really good things are coming to the supporter system (after dragon tombs).
  14. Okay, so in another year...
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  15. I get that a lot. No really... xD :p
  16. And i'm also working on things IRL to get more time into EMC to get things done faster... ;)
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  17. I will vouch for that. We very rarely see him in our IRC chat after he gets home from that "work" thing. I heard he watched a movie the other night. But I'm pretty sure he's been coding.

    Also, I think he wrote an application to write applications.