(Suggestion) More Leaderboards?

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Yes! 5 vote(s) 71.4%
No 2 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. Simple as it sounds, just more leaderboards. Rather it be in PVP section or something else on the website. I feel as if leaderboards create more of competition and competitions are fun and make things interesting.

    Suggestions for leaderboards (You should suggest some too!):
    - PVP Kills
    - Most rupees/tokens
    - Longest on EMC

    Leave feedback below of what you think and any more suggestions!
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  2. Hey, great ideas, but some of them just won't work.
    • PvP kills - Would be nice to have. The only bad thing I see is the farmability.
    • People would like to have their rupee balance private
    • This leaderboard won't change unless it actually counted amount of time spent in-game.
  3. Pvp kills- Penguindj
  4. Yeah I agree maybe not rupees, maybe tokens would be Ok though, as no one can come to a user and ask for tokens. I'm totally for more leaderboards.
  5. I understand people saying that they think other people want there currency private, which I see your point but I haven't heard of anyone wanting there money private. And maybe only doing a top 10 on each smp would be better?
  6. The problem I see with it is people getting a bunch of new players annoying them for money.

    Maybe we could make it opt-out?
  7. I think most anything out of the MC stats would be fun, like deaths, blocks placed/mined, or distance traveled/swum/flown.
  8. Sure but just then a Cult leader want you to join their Outpost "Starship 81". So they lure you in with all these fancy promos and "exclusive" top notch spots at the outpost. But has soon as you fork over your tokens to help solidify the outpost with protection and teleportation. Then you find yourself being deported and reported from the very outpost you helped protect. It was all a scam to get those precious little golden tokens. All because they new you were rolling in the tokens...................................
  9. I don't even know what this is but it is beautiful.
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