[SUGGESTION] More leaderboards (voting, rupees?, referrals)

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Would you like to see more leaderboards?

Yes - please explain 27 vote(s) 64.3%
No - please explain 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I like the idea, but don't like rupees being the mind set for players. 15 vote(s) 35.7%
  1. Hey guys, so I've been thinking about some cool new features that might be great for both EMC's popularity and player goals. This is one of the ideas that I came up with.

    It's pretty straight forward but here's the gist of it. Right now we have a sub-header with the title "Leaderboards." Currently only TEXP boards are there, but I would like to see more. Rupees, voting streaks and referrals (which were there once for the referral contest) could be added.

    • More goals for players to reach
    • Referral leaderboards would encourage players to get their friends to play so they're at the top, which means more players!
    • Voting leaderboards would encourage people to vote for streaks, to get, once again, at the top.
    • Plenty more boards could be added over time.
    • When players get bored of EMC it's usually because they're tired of rupees and town/wild. With these new leaderboards, it will give yet more goals for EMC's players to achieve.
    • *EDIT* Players could have the option to hide from selected leaderboards in their profile settings.
    • *EDIT* Mob arena wins could also be a new leaderboard (thanks Silken!)
    • Much like TEXP can, a rupees leaderboard would also mean (in very small portions!) scamming, dishonesty, less interaction and more "I want rupees!"
    • Fairly easy to boost rupees (only if it was Lifetime and not at-present-time)
    What do you guys think?
  2. I think more leader boards would be a good idea. Because just having TEXP is a bit boring and not everyone want's to earn heaps if XP. And maybe they could get special rewards for reaching certain levels.
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  3. Rupees used to be ranked, but we stopped doing that. Dark_Liz being constantly asked for rupees actually brought about a few amendments to the 9th commandment.

    Knowing how much money you have relative to others is pretty nice, but it caused more problems than it was worth, as the feature really didn't bring anything new to EMC.
  4. Love the idea but i think a "rupees leaderborad" wouldnt be a great idea for the reason you stated
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  5. Yeah, I was going to add this but didn't for some reason. I wasn't going to suggest rupees at first too, but decided that I would (hence the ?) because if players were able to choose whether or not they are listed on the leaderboards (as a forum profile setting?) it could fix quite a few of those problems.
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  6. Yeah, I think the top voter each month should get a month of iron free. More players would vote and your only giving a 5$ I month perk away for free so it wouldn't hurt the server
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  7. You have 3 mil. CAN I HAVE MONIES??? Lol xD
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  8. Well, i do like how you are thinking Alex, but as crazy has stated above, people would beg others for rupees, oh wait. people do that to this day. Anyways maybe it could have modifications such as having to reach the Well Known member area to gain access.
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  9. For a month Justin held a referral contest (before he got busy). At the end of the month, the winner - Copherfield - won free diamond supporter for another month.

    Perhaps he could this back and include voting, somehow.
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  10. agreed if player could shoose to hide there status on the leader board that would be great for example. the TEXP non-supporters tend to have more issues when higher ranked as they cant hide and people tned to find there grinders via looking for them on the livemap, knowing full well you gain a ton in short time and 90% at a grinder.

    so hiding from a leaderboard would be great but on the rupee side of being able to hide from it, would still cause alot of begging hidden or not
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  11. Then if you do get begged often, you can turn it off. :)

    Any other begging that occurs after turning it off is always going to be there. :)
    Every player should be able to have access to the leaderboards - however, if an option to not be listed on 1 or more boards was included in profile settings that would fix the issue. :)
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  12. I'd love the Rupees leader board !
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  13. I'd love all of them :p
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  14. I think the rupees leader board is unnecessary. I see more cons than pros. One thing that I see happening is : Player 1 has 8000 rupees, Player 1 Bids 7500r for a DC of sandstone. Player 2 checks leader board seeing that Player 1 only has 8000r. Player 2 bids 8500 knowing Player1 does not have the rupees. Player 2 wins the auction.
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  15. At least my signature shows it and I update it but no one beats me in an auction
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  16. Fun, though.
    I think that the pros/cons are equal. + is that it would give everyone a goal/challenge to reach (besides, TEXP leaderboards have the same pros and cons).
    I don't really see this as a bad thing. People bid what people bid. :) Also, player1 has the option of hiding from the rupees leaderboard.

    Of course, it might be decided that the rupees leaderboard has too many negatives, but tbh I don't see much of a difference between rupees and TEXP. :)
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  17. Well, someone would already outbid him. Also if someone pays 8,500 R someone also can outbid him. Its a never ending cycle. Not much of a problem.. also, dont think many players would take the time to check their rupees balance just for a auction.
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  18. I bid 9K ;)
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  19. If there's a way to pull Statistics from the client I think some of those would be fun. Blocks mined, blocks placed, times died, distance walked, distance swam, distance traveled by minecart and so on.
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  20. This is how it needs to be done, if that's added, I'd love to see tons of leaderboards. Maybe the person who hides there stats just will be anonymous, so you know where you truely rank, just not who your by or around. I like pab's idea, that'd be really interesting.