[Suggestion] More Heads!

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Should we get more Trophies?

Sure! 6 vote(s) 75.0%
I dont care 2 vote(s) 25.0%
Nope 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Well we all know we have some heads, but well we dont have every single one.
    Althought there are more MHF_[...] Heads, we dont get new ones.
    I hope a Staff Member will see this and add the following things:

    MHF_Endermite from a Player [SAFE]
    MHF_Witch from a Player [SAFE]
    MHF_Wolf from a Player [SAFE]
    MHF_Guardian from a Player [SAFE]
    MHF_EGuardian from a Player [SAFE]
    MHF_Squid from Mojang [SAFE]
    MHF_Endermite from a Player [SAFE]
    ManBatPlaysMC from a Player [SAFE] [Bat]
    minecade5 from a Network [SAFE] [Horse]
    MHF_Wither from a Player [SAFE]
    MHF_Golem from Mojang [SAFE] [IronGolem]
    MHF_SnowGolem from a Player [SAFE]

    Some Players sacrificed their Money for us! We should support them and use these heads!
    Will you suport us?
    PS: If you see here a Head that is Dropping already then sorry but the wiki says that these heads DONT exist
  2. I like it but only Mojang MHF_ heads will be added in.
  3. Well that is sad because these players made these heads for use :< but Im glad you like it!
  4. Thing is that EMC always tries to stay as close to vanilla type gameplay as possible, though while adding quite some extra perks of course. And well, in all honesty I also think that we have a lot of heads to collect already. Not only the common mobs such as chickens, zombies, cows and spiders but even the less common ones: blazes and ghasts too (I'm sure about the blazes, but can't find the shop where I think I saw ghast heads).