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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by ShelLuser, Jul 24, 2015.

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  1. Hi gang!

    If there's one thing I'm a huge fan of it's Empire's residence protection scheme: the residence flags as well as the recently introduced residence permission groups. I consider myself a power user and I think that my main residence speaks for itself (try using /res info 3544 while you're on SMP2 and you'll see what I mean).

    Recently there has been a change, I assume to make things easier accessible, and if you set your residence permissions to default the /res info command will only show you the most common flags:

    The only problem with this approach is that it makes it harder to determine the value of some of the other flags. For example: if you don't know the default value of the redstone or piston flag your only option is to either go with trial & error or check the advanced flags page which is quite a read and not a good reference yet (as you can see it doesn't mention the default values of the flags, but that's on my todo).

    My suggestion:

    /res flag list

    Which would list all known flags and their value, even if they haven't been explicitly set yet. This would make it much easier to quickly check the default (current) value of some flags while still preserving the current approach of trying to keep things as simple as possible with /res info.

    PS: I'm well aware that if I'm not sure about a flag and I don't "trust" it that I can simply set it myself and be done with it, that's not the point here.

    PPS: Keep up the awesome work here guys. I know a lot of players might be a little overwhelmed by this system (but that's also why us power users are here; we can also help explain) but I'm really deeply impressed by the whole system. I'm fluent with WorldGuard (no comment) and I can honestly say that the flag system is a lot more friendlier on the players.
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  2. I 100% agree, some players would like to know what other flags are there to give out and remove.
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  3. Something wimilar to this for commands is in the process of being created. For now though, with a complete list of all flags is a good guide to have on hand.
  4. EMC has a LOT of flags. If you're talking about listing all flags on the advanced flags page, in game... I don't think it's really needed. That's why we have the advanced flag page, and the Wiki in general.

    Imagine how long the list for that new command would be. It'd be incredibly hard to find stuff no matter how it's organized in-game.
  5. Maybe there can be a basic list of all the flags but not sub, and if a player wants to see the sub's of it, they can just do something like /res [flag] expand or /res [flag] then it lists out the subs of the flag.
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  6. Sure, but as I said above that page doesn't list all the default values yet. But this isn't only about being informed, it's also being able to make absolutely sure what people can and cannot do on your residence. Either by default or when a flag hasn't been set.

    The other issue here is that if you're working on setting these flags its easier if you can quickly see their value in-game than having to go to the wiki.

    That's why I didn't suggest it as a replacement for the currently available /res info ;)
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  7. I look at it as if you dont have a personal desire for the flag to be in a specific state, to just leave it to the default for us to control which will leave your res protected from unexpected change.

    The default settings leave you protected, and you have to "open up" permissions and players should be setting flags when they KNOW they want different behavior than normal.

    As said by others, doing it just to inform existence of other flags is not the best approach, we have other documentation for that.

    I put the "very important" ones on by default for verbosity since they are the core ones that control others modifying your res, but for more minor ones, I just don't see the need to make that already filled output even more cluttered.
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  8. Thanks for the clarification and confirmation Aikar, I appreciate it.
  9. Then make it list the default values. :p Seems like a good idea and would accomplish the same thing this would. ;)

    Not exactly what I meant. Listing, what, a hundred or so flags would take up a hundred or so lines of chat. Now THAT is spam. Besides, /res info shows all flags that have been set, not necessarily basic flags.
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