[SUGGESTION] More chat commands and link with ./p command

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  1. Hey everyone,

    My friend owns a small server and he has the essentials plugin. This comes with a command that states you are afk (./afk). I think that there should be a command that states you are afk and is linked with ./p (player). This would be useful if you needed to talk to a player who wasn't responding you could see if they are ark or just ignoring you. There could also be a message after sending a pm like,"Note: this player is AFK".

    Command Ideas:

    /chat afk
  2. i like the idea! also maybe to go along with /p [player] in the info that it gives you, you can see how many rupees they have. I am always wondering how many rupees people have when i feel like they are lying :p
  3. This is on other servers but the problem with that is it is invasion of privacy in a way. Mods can check rupee balance and history though.
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  4. uh, no
    You wouldn't like anybody peeping into your bank account IRL, now, would you? :)
  5. True.... that does seem a little nosy :p
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  6. Personally I always thought of something similar, however, it might could also be useful having it within the [Tab] ... perhaps having a symbol next to the connection bars?
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  7. Or change the afk names to a certain color, like black and change the tutorial color.
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  8. Do we technically need a tutorial name to be shown once the new tutorials are added? Some people are like "hey, a new person, i'll say hi" but they might not actually get out of tutorial for a long time so it's mis-leading...

    Where as... if the name "isn't" in the tab... and when the person finally is in the last stage of the tutorial and actually joins town... that's when their name should appear - but by that time they could just appear as a normal player name...

    Side note: Personally, the colour black is a bit hard for me to read in player lists.
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  9. Happens anyways irl: emails, phone calls and bank accounts (NSA)....
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  10. A minecraft server is a bit different than the real world government. It would never happen. Mods are the NSA of the empire but they also act as officials and law enforcement and are more fun.
  11. I approve of this idea! sounds like a good idea. I always find myself talking to players and having them not respond just to find out that they were AFK and then they were like dude I was afk and I'm like derp. So I think this would be helpful to have.
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  13. Not really... Reading the chat log...
  14. Not necessarily true, the mods do not read all of the chat all of the time.
    They only ever go back through the chat log for the point of /reports etc.
    Although, that's not to say they don't monitor the chat when they can :)
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  15. We do occasionally skim over chat logs even on square just to catch things every so often :)
    Yes, I saw what you said last summer! :p
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  16. How about you have a yellow name in chat while AFK?That colour isn't taken.
  17. Almost is, gold supporter.
  18. I also had an idea, what about some kind of /mail system where you go do something such as /mail send spidey329 hey I haven't seen you in awile im wondering when youll be on again <-- something like that
  19. honstly i wouldnt mind this if you could decied to trigger it or not some time people lie to pretend to be afk to ignore a person in a nice way.

    so would bea grat idea if you could /afk anf it not be an auto thing if you do go afk

    idk just my thoughts
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