[SUGGESTION] Mojang server status warning

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  1. Two parts to this - one easy enough to add, one probably not so.

    The first is to do what Planet Minecraft do when the session/account servers go down, and basically add a message in the bar at the very top of the screen saying "Minecraft.net's session/account servers are currently offline. Attempts to connect to any server will probably fail. We cannot control this. Threads created about this will be locked". I presume PMC do it automatically by using the status site or something... I can't really see it being incredibly hard to add.

    The second is the harder. Make it so when the session/account servers die on us, a message is shown in game like the update/voting ones, telling you that if you disconnect, you won't be able to reconnect. When they're back up, make a message saying that appear. Would prevent many people (including myself) from disconnecting without knowing the servers are down.

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  2. I like the idea of having the warning also at the top of the site would be another good point to have. Although having the in game alerts would require a /reload or something along them lines witch may cause some users to lag out witch will in effect leave them out of EMC.
  3. Thank you for that completely relevant comment - it really added to the discussion! /sarcasm
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  4. I will edit it, and I saw the grey... /iRock
  5. Good Idea, It would be helpful . Most of the time I just keep an eye on forums/Minecraft.com to see why their is a low number at unusual times.

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  6. You missed it!
  7. It wouldn't require a /reload. The senior staff can already broadcast messages via Square, this would just be an automated one.
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  8. So you change after someone gets on to you. -_- smh
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  9. I've been making my own widget that does this - as for EMC they will most likely want to use theirown ... ps) minecraft.net statuses are all up now - mojang accounts aren't and neither are multiplayer sessions - but for us to play we mainly only need the sessions one :)
  10. This. Is a really good idea!