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  1. I was recently thinking that it would be cool if the moderator's had a help queue. Where there's a command a player could type that would request a moderator cross server's in some way? allowing a queue of players that are currently seeking help so the moderator's can help people in a first come first serve basis ( NOT that the moderator's are doing a bad job or anything, In my experience they have always been very quick to assist me when ever i have had a question or a problem. )

    Example of what I'm talking about:
    /mod help [ Reason ] ( selection of reason's)

    Selection examples
    Greifed ( Greifed a player's creation )
    Robbed ( Stole item's from another player )
    Murdered ( Was killed upon going through someone's portal or residence or something )
    Question (Basic question's about the server or how some thing's work. )
    Service ( A request of a SS service )

    How a moderator or a SS would see it in chat:
    ** Player assistance needed **

    Moderator or SS command could be issued:

    Would return something like this perhaps:
    1. *player1 Greifed SMP6
    2. *player2 Question SMP1
    3. *player3 SS service SMP9
    4. *player4 Question SMP6

    Another thing you might be able to do is if a player has been logged off for more then 5min the request could be removed from the queue for things like question's or something that would require more information. This system could also be used to log how many instance's you have of greif's, Service's, Questions, etc.

    Figured this might be a good way to help sort out things for mod's.
  2. Nice idea, just gonna pick up on this though. If someone steals from you its counted as griefing. 'murdered' could be reported via /report and theres is no PvP in the wild anyway. Questions can be asked in the help section on the forums. Services can be PM's to SS on the forums. It may be useful for heated arguments though
  3. I remember seeing a post about over reporting recently, ie taking up to much staffs time. We have to remember they are people too and still want to enjoy the game themselves.

    Most of your examples are already reportable offenses and the question is what the Wiki is for. I get the idea behind it but I'm not sure it's a real fit or that it's something staff would agree with. :p
  4. if you need a moderators assistance on EMC, why don't you PM them on the forums, so its scheduled for them to meet you at a certain time and smp. :) Or report the player that broke the rule.
  5. I've seen this suggestion really recently. We've discussed it with great length and considering how many times we get the 'OMG MY HOUSE IS ON FIRE' act from players that just want us to give an opinion on their builds, we decided against a 'help' que. If it's a reportable offense, use /report. If it's greifing and you don't know who, then start a pm with staff on the forums. They are pretty quick at investigating and getting answers for the things that are crucial.
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  6. HELP KRYSYY! My dog is on fire!
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  7. It died, thanks for taking so long.
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  8. Quick, please check your in-game mail ASAP!

    Not to worry, I've send you an in-game mail which explains the ancient art of wolf resurrection ;)

    I'd add a screenshot but it turned out pretty bad because you can only see that I send e-mail.

    Apart from what Krysyy has said above I can't help wonder: have you also tried turning to the community for help? Because I've noticed it several times myself where players asked about contacting a "moderator" (or "admin") and then learned about staff in general. However, when asking what their problem was it turned out that it was usually something which other players could also answer. Well, either other players or the wiki obviously. I think that's also something to keep in mind: do you really need the help of staff?

    Obviously you do when it comes to being griefed, but merely a question about, say, an event could likely also be answered by other players.

    A (silly) example can be seen above: those two didn't need staff at all :p They only needed a player acting just as silly as they were (guess) :D
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  9. Sorry about making a similar suggestion. I looked through the list in the sticky i must have missed it. I apoligize.

    I do often turn to other players for help, and I do use the forum's. I spent a bit of time last night searching for information about the Entity range, and how it works here on EMC.
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