suggestion mob farms

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  1. i suggest that maybe you can create places where people can kill sheep, pigs, cows, mooshroms and other animals it would be so awesome:)
  2. What do you mean by this?
    On your res?
    In the wild?
  3. You can. Make a farm, breed, kill.
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  4. like you pay to get in and kill sheep etc. for items like wool and such
  5. You can already do this on your own residence.
  6. true... but i don't have alot of time to build amzing things :(
  7. Why would you kill sheep when you can shear for wool? :confused:
    But that's not what I meant. I meant you can either have a public free-to-use farm or a private personal one on your res, or at at wild base.
  8. Because we used to go on a server and they had an animal warp with pigs, chickens, cows, mooshrooms and sheep you just killed, sheared, milked or collected mushroom stew and when the animals all died a moderator would then refill it with more animals - you could not break or place anything of course!
  9. Doesn't sound very vanilla…I mean you could make one, but EMC won't have one public and run by the staff.