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  1. I think that we could add a new level of difficulty by both healing the mobs and dealing damage with poison and damage potions. This would add another way to kick of those with.. weaker armor.
  2. So...pretty much make it impossible for anyone unless they take the time to get god armor?
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  3. Now why do that? I don't see a point in kicking out or making it more difficult for people who can't afford or can obtain armor as easy as some people.
  4. Maybe in the later rounds, but certainly not in the beginning. I vote no.
  5. I'm not saying you just throw potions over and over making the mobs invincible, but every now and then, because they don't do it now. I wouldn't like it either if they just spammed potions and I didn't have god armor. But maybe get out those players that bring armor that they know they won't win with.
  6. That means there's no point in announcing a mob arena or having one then. Most of us do it for fun. Pretty much if this was implemented, the only people who would even have a chance or even be able to play are those like NickJ, Zabriel, Ninja who actually go and get levels to enchant god armor. Some people enjoy it because it's something to do besides sit in town, mine in the wild etc. If this was implemented we would have more people complaining that it's too hard, it sucks etc. It's fine just the way it is. BigDavie adds his own thing, IcC does different things, each Senior Staff or Admin has their own thing.
  7. I SUPPORT THIS!!! It could be like the sword event, except instead, it will include not only the sword but a full set of armor :p
  8. Okay, okay, it was just a suggestion, I guess people don't like it, a mod can close this thread now. :)
  9. NUUUUU don't close it. I like this idea :D I already have 17 sets of god armor :p and tons of gold blocks (Thanks JC!)
  10. Honestly, mob arena is fairly hard as it is. Every time is different and you can't expect the same thing over and over. I conpete at mob arena occassionally for fun and if I win, I win. Some people go to have fun, and adding challenge will kill it for those people. Sometimes though, I can see where doing this may be fun, last 2 or 3 people left you could drop it on them for some laughs.
  11. Well I don't go to mob arenas because of the time but if there was a Boss Arena then it would be cool and I may be able to go. Boss Arena's could be a way more challenging thing than the regular mob arena's and keep inventory is on yet once your in; there's no way out. You keep spawning and spawning every time you die so everyone has a chance. Plus mob loot (YAY)