[SUGGESTION] Mob arena difficulty

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  1. As i was watching the mob arena a few nights ago, i thought to myself, "This mob arena is REALLY hard." Then i thought of this:
    So, there will be THREE difficulties: easy, medium, and hard.
    The hard is already in place, as of the current mob arena already existing.
    And, every so often, we could have an "Easier" mob arena, with less mobs, and less prizes.
    We would have the easy arena, then a few days/weeks later we would have the medium, then the hard, and we would go back to easy.
    This is for the not-so-rich people to be able to play in a mob arena and have a chance of winning insted of being killed two seconds into the normal mob arena.
    Leave your thoughts in the comments
  2. I think that's three difficulties :p
  3. I think the only thing that will change with the reduced difficulty is that the arena will take longer to finish. The same people who win the harder ones will also win the easier ones, as they will still be the best prepared participants.

    I assume you were hoping that those crazily overpowered people who win the hard difficulty arenas won't show up in the easier ones? I don't think that's going to be the case. :p
  4. Exactly what I was going to point out. As a winner of 2 of them, I think I speak for everyone else who comes prepared when I say that just because they change the gamemode to a lower difficulty, doesn't mean we won't come. In fact, we will be happy because it gives the others who come a bit less prepared time for their armour to wear off.
  5. What I miss is the old way, where the mobs came out in waves. They started small, released stuff and we fought them, then they would launch the next wave and so on until we got to the big stuff. I kinda felt like there was more effort in those, not saying that the Staff don't make effort in the current ones, just saying it seemed more like they wanted to be there and do the arena. Now it feels like they just toss the mobs in the dispenser, hit the button and flood us just to get it over with as fast as possible because at times it feels like we're only there three or four rounds and those rounds are over quickly.

    I used to really make the effort to get good armor and stuff to join in, but when they changed the way they do mob arenas I just stick to iron or nothing since I instantly die.
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  6. When I'm in the murder box, I make sure to put a chicken in every wave :p

    For chickeneer! (Peep.peep.peep.)
  7. NO!
  8. I dont think there should be difficulties, but if i may suggest buying packs. You will not be able to battle with your own gear, but battle with the packs you can purchase (you could choose a permanant pack for more money), I think this would help the noobies who cannot get enchanted gear (also these "packs" cannot leave the mob arena)
  9. It's something for new players to strive for! And it's not all that hard to get to a suitable level armor. There are a number of public grinders out there, and finding diamonds isn't the hardest thing in the world :p
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