[Suggestion] Mob Arena Alert

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  1. O.K so I love watching the Mob arena and everyone getting blown up and blasted, But i am also on the website a lot and sometimes you can't find every thread. So what i was thinking is we have a mob arena alert on the website that maybe has a count down till the next one, what sever it's on, who is hosting the mob arena and what round will consist of what. I was thinking we could have it across from the news and where it shows your Rupees and your TEXP Idk.. Just an idea :) would be handy
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  2. The one slight problem with this is... me and Dwight decided to do ours 15 minutes before it started >_<
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  3. lol well wtf xP but if its scheduled then you won't be rushing off to do it.. idk
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  5. Dont they have alerts in game?
  6. Yup.
  7. Why dont you favorite the Mob Arena thread and go to it whenever you feel like it, even when you miss the thread there are alerts in game.
  8. +1 from me
    Im not really in game alot so I miss the alerts (never seen one...)
    Since Im mostly on the forums this would be handy since I would be able to always have easy access to when the next one is