[suggestion] miniboss drops are atuomatically picked up

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  1. Recently i've killed a few minibosses lately and havent found any drops. I've killed two marlixes in the past three days and i wasnt able to locate any of his drops because well, he flies and that makes them hard to find. Also killing momentus over an ocean can make drops almost impossible to find. Thanks

    EDIT 1: title should be miniboss drops Should be atuomatically picked up. Oops.
  2. Not a bad idea, but what if your inv's full?
  3. I think you are just out of luck then. It would be helpful though.
  4. Like they autoteleport the drops to your feet. It gets pretty annoying when you kill three of them in three days and never find any drops
  5. Another way could be for the drops to be automatically placed in a spawned chest? This would mean in the scenario of your inventory being full you could still harvest the drops and pick and choose what you want to keep.
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  6. Yeah, or like be automatically be put in your vault, etc
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  7. I see this working but I wish people luck if it creates a just in an underwater ravine.
  8. Well yeah although vault may cause issues for people who are hunting it in groups as the person who did the last hit r something would automatically receive all the loot :confused: Perhaps incorporate a "group" vault which is accessible by the players in a group using the EMC groups feature?
    The chest would either be at the location of where the mob died exactly or perhaps in front of the player who killed it? It would be kind of annoying if it spawned in a ravine :p
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  9. To answer the thread question, they are not automatically put into your inventory, and they do not have a 100% drop of any rare loot, its actually more rare to get the loot, like getting a Wither Skeleton Skull from a wither. So it may be 1-? kills before you actually get anything. Its random. ive gotten a Marlix Bow, Marlix Boots, and Marlix Leggings in a span of 5 days. Not the past 5 days but when I was mass hunting them. It takes time. Not everyone will own one of these pieces in their backyard like a beacon is now. For example: There is a auction going on for a marlix cap right now and its going for about 40k so far. So people are willing to pay large sums of rupee to get their hands on this exclusive equipment made rare by the drop system.

    Edit: No offense but I wouldn't like this suggestion because it would lead to a ton of fights on who got the drop and so and so running with it. Fair and square drops to the floor giving everyone in the group a chance to have a grab at it. Unless there is a pre-arrangement about the loot split up before the kill, that can be staff handled as it was for me :) (But don't bug them about every kill)
  10. I think this will please a few people :)