[Suggestion] /me command for Supporter ranks

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by ShinkoNet, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if a perk that Donators have would be able to use the /me command. I like it how the command can describe what a person is doing. Its just a small suggestion, but I would really like it, and I am sure others will too.

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  2. Derp!!! Can someone add the [SUGGESTION] bit in the name? Soooo sorry :p
  3. I can see this being used for trolling.
  4. I like it. I don't see why not...
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  6. You can't troll with it much, there is an '*' before the message

    Oh, and thanks for supporting this idea guys!
  7. Not all servers have this.

    /me was killed my herobrine.
  8. It would create unnecessary spam.. I don't like this command as it stands right now
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  9. You got a point, but the Vanilla /me has it.
    "* Kingofcreeperz1 was killed by Herobrine"
    instead of
    "Kingofcreeperz1 was killed by Herobrine"

    Thats the only downside, but I think this idea is good for expressing things that you wouldn't normally say in text
  10. Sounds Interesting :)
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  11. A way to combat the spam is to have a plugin that makes the /me command avaliable to be used by a user once every 10mins or something.
  12. /me I'm pretty sure is global and even if it is changed to like you can only use in town, its same as /chat town so it would be unnecessary. And if you want to express yourself, just say it out loud
  13. What I meant for expressing is doing an action, like it was originally supposed to mean. "*Kingofcreeperz1 just built a castle!" instead of "I just built a castle!". The latter sounds (what I think) unprofessional but the first one actually sounded like it was an achievement. It isn't that all unnecessary. Also, /chat town and /me are two completely different things.
  14. Or you could do this

    T TheEpic5: Just built a house!
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  15. ...How would the plug-in define when someone made a house or a castle?
  16. I really see no use of this.
  17. Well thats a shame then.
  18. Dont think this will be added...
  19. Like everything else?
    I don't see that as a reason, chat can be used for spam, but we haven't got rid of that, have we?
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  20. People would also post stuff that is just dumb.

    /me is going to the bathroom to take a poo
    /me is better then herobrine LOLOL
    /me likes pancakes nomnomnomnomnomnomnom