[SUGGESTION] May the 4th be with you

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Star Wars Promo?

Poll closed May 4, 2015.
YES 11 vote(s) 64.7%
No 5 vote(s) 29.4%
What is Star Trek? (Also means Yes) 5 vote(s) 29.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. hey guys, just saying, we need a May the 4th Star Wars promo to celebrate the new star wars trilogy and the Battlefront 3.

    (Poll Closes on May the 4th)
  2. is battlefront 3 out? *checking google for battlefront 3 and for a new computer*
  3. but what about the ppl don't watch star wars or play battlefront 3? (or whatever battlefront 3 is)
  4. Keep promos to special days that have been around for a long long time,not based upon films and fantasy
  5. This is a special day, adults (and kids) all over the world are going crazy about the new trilogy.
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  6. There are promos that are about things other than days. Momentus toothpick and gear, marlix gear. as far as films and fantasy, that is what our holidays are based on so... never seen any walking snowmen, leprechauns or flying reindeer, no giant bunnies laying eggs
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  7. I believe that EMC only celebrates major US holidays.

    Pi day may not be major, but it is something everybody can celebrate.
    What you are suggesting sounds like free advertising of a movie and a video game.
  8. star wars is a culture and has been for decades :p
  9. *Cough* St. Patrick's Day *Cough* That's irish *Cough*
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  11. But did it originate in America? No. Nothing good should come from America, but unfortunately most good things do, like EMC.
  12. Unfortunately?
    What do you have against America?
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  13. I would be willing to bet at least one of staff memebers are alive today thanks to star wars. Got many a nerd lucky and consequently they became parents to my(most of the staff) generation hhhahahaha
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  14. Battlefront 3 = The new Star Wars Battlefront game (A.K.A the games I spent my childhood on...). Its not really a Battlefront 3 - it's just a reboot.
    From people I talk to on Skype from EMC on Pi Day:
    'lol wtf is this pi day promo'
    A lot of us British (and some Australians, Canadians, and even Americans I have spoken to :p) have a weird hatred for America. Not really for its people, mainly for its government (at least that's how it is for me and most other people I know). Some because the idiots in the country (who are probably the minority :p) are the ones who people think of when they think 'America', and thus people have problems with them being 'thick'.
  15. Ahhaha, 'free advertising of a movie and a video game?'

    Star Wars is a major US thing I'm pretty sure, considering it was made by Americans, (it has my man Harrison in it).

    Why cant everybody celebrate star wars? Its most adult's childhood and if you actually watched it, you'd know how amazing it really is.
  16. To sorta impact this "argument" here's a quick link and a short summary.


    May 4th is simply a play on words, chosen by die hard Star Wars fans to show their dedication and celebrate the Star Wars series. In no way does it count as an official holiday such as Christmas or Thanksgiving.

    On the flip side of the coin Pi Day is also not a official holiday such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. It pretty much comes down to what the EMC staff choose to do. They could do something for Star Wars day, but I for one find it unnecessary seeing as how over the last 6 months we've had almost two dozen promos...
  17. All promos and general awesomeness are unnecessary and I have a really hard time believing that star wars is an American phenomena. If you really want to get into star wars, you can completely forego the movies(not recommended) the books are much better
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