[Suggestion] Marlix/Momentus Death Chest

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Is this a good idea?

Yes 33 vote(s) 94.3%
No 2 vote(s) 5.7%
  1. The backstory of the idea: My friend and me were chilling in the wild and a Marlix spawned, we battled it and upon its death the drops fell on a cactus. (yeah it really did ; _ ; ) We didn't get anything lol. On another Marlix battle, he/she flew away to the ocean, upon its death the drops were lost in the sea (if it even had drops lol) and we spent hours searching for it and found nothing.

    The idea: How about when Marlix/Momentus are killed a chest appears with all the drops, if the mob is over water then the chest appears on a block above the water with the chest on top. Now I don't mean every single drop of each boss, for example if you kill it and it drops 2 skulls/heads and thats it, well thats what is inside the chest. A chest appears even if you get nothing. This way people won't get their hopes up, then search around and find nothing.

    Is this even possible?: I have no Idea lol.

    Good Idea? Bad Idea?
  2. I feel your pain.
  3. This sounds like a really good idea, (im the friend) I spent all that time and lost good armor too trying to kill Marlix that when we finally defeated him I had to watch all the drops fall on a cactus.

    Also Momentus is hard enough to beat by itself and once you do, his little flaming zombies of doom are all over me and usually end up killing me so by the time i get back to where the drops should of been they had depawned or I couldnt find the exact location of the drops. :(
  4. It's not really worth it, your chances of that happening "it landing on a cactus or flying away from you into the ocean" are pretty slim so it would be a waste of developer time.
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  5. not really we have had Marlix spawn about 5 times where we were at in the course of four days and it flies pretty far, it got to the point we try to get around behind it to make it fly away from the ocean but it doesnt work.
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  6. The best marlix/momentus places are in the desert, deserts have cacti, lava pits (momentus like to kill themselves in them) most deserts have a ocean next to them. Now that there are "deep oceans" its a pain to get the loot, we don't want to make the repair cost for helmets anymore expensive than they are by adding respiration.
  7. What I am saying is Momentus/marlix spawn a lot in deserts which players tend to bunk down at waiting for them to spawn. Deserts are big and populated with tons of cactus's and lava pools. Also they are surrounded by oceans and even extream hill biomes. Marlix flies faster than the players can swim or climb the hills.
  8. Erm um bump?
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  9. +1 :3 I love this idea!
  10. The amount of time I have spent looking for miniboss drops... +1
  11. 1.8 Repair Costs will be dramatically lower though.
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  12. Love it! :D
    One thing though, maybe the chest despawns after drops are collected, so that no random chests are in the wild/wastelands lol.
  13. +1 I think it's a great idea sonic. Still interested to hear from Aikar how possible this is though.
  14. You make a good point. +1
  15. Hmmm looks like a phone number I must call? ;)
  16. I've never once fought a miniboss not in a lake or ocean.