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  1. Hello there, community!

    I think that I have a suggestion that may help us some more... though some people probably won't like it.

    This suggestion is one that alters the res tag +mall. Of course, it's made for people to easily navigate the malls on an SMP. I love this tag, it gives me easy access to any malls on the SMP.

    This suggestion in a nutshell is, now only staff members can add the +mall suffix. You can get a moderator, senior staff, or admin to set up your +mall tag. This is because I've noticed that some people are putting the +mall tag when their residence has nothing to do with a mall!

    Well, what do you think?
  2. Sounds to me like an added staff job. I like the current system as is.
    -1 for now, subject to change
  3. Not too sure about this. I'd be more in favor of having a little more 'official tags' such as shop. This would mean that you can report a residence if it's using such an economy tag without actually having a shop on it.

    I know shop is used this way, maybe ask the staff to add mall to the list too?
  4. I'm +0 on this

    It just sounds like extra work for the staff to do when they could be doing something more helpful for the empire. But it can be annoying doing /v +mall and ending up at a blank res or a huge building that has nothing in it.

    So like I said, +0
  5. If you end up at a res without a shop sign on it, then you may report that res for abuse of the shop or mall tag.

    However, we will not be making the tag require staff to add. It is unreasonable to add a time wasting service on staff's behalf due to the minimal amount of tag abuse that there actually is.
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