Suggestion: Make shiny arrows soulbound

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  1. shelly really trolled me just now in the wastelands & made me lose all my stuff while i was helping him with a guide :confused: so i dont talk to him for 5min b/c im laughing 2 hard ^.^

    u need arrows 2 fight marlix but if u die then u drop all ur stuff. shell let me use his voters bow but u still drop ur arrows.

    u get shiny arrow from fighting enraged mobs, but they dont do anything.

    so i think: why not make them soulbound? u can shoot them & use them, but they become more special b/c if u die u keep them.

    might even make ppl vote more 2 get voters bow!
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  2. If I recall correctly, Shiny Arrows deal more damage.
  3. Yeah, they're stronger than the normal arrows. I do like idea of them being soulbound though. Would make it worth carrying them, while fighting Marlix.
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  4. Bump because I'm bored!
  5. Shiny arrows only deal more damage when fired from a Marlix bow. Other than that, they deal normal damage in any bow. Soulbound arrows, especially rare ones like shinys, would be nice.
  6. Shiny arrows do 10% damage when fired from a normal bow; they split into two when fired from a Marlix's Bow.
  7. 10% or 110%?
  8. 10% extra; 110% total
  9. +1
    Yes Please...