[SUGGESTION] Make haunted candy effect last a few minutes

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How long should haunted candy prevent hunger loss?

15 seconds (current) 4 vote(s) 21.1%
1 minute 4 vote(s) 21.1%
5 minutes 6 vote(s) 31.6%
10+ minutes 3 vote(s) 15.8%
Some other number (0, 7.5, 4x√-1,) or it should do something else 2 vote(s) 10.5%
  1. Just like it says. Right now, it's just a really cheap collectible.
    The same thing goes for shiny flesh and zombie virus.

    5-10 minutes would make it useful without being overpowered.
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  2. It's true, running for around 1 minute will only take like 1 bar away. I think this would really be helpful.
  3. That's the reason to collect lots of candy... If 1 single piece lasted so long, why would you need lots of it?
  4. Isn't it way worse than a piece of bread right now? You have to eat it more often anyway. Maybe I'm missing the point...
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  5. Its much better than a piece of bread...
  6. Well I guess they don't always last 15 seconds. Is each candy different or is it random? Sometimes it's 30 seconds.

    How many hunger bars could I really have lost in 30 seconds anyway, though?
  7. why did shiny flesh get dragged into this? shiny flesh is awesome
  8. Ha ok. I only just realized that the shiny flesh just sucks on difficulty 10. The candy, though, is still only 15-30 seconds long. Someone said a minute, but maybe I'm eating the wrong candy...
  9. Well i would imagine each candy has the same amount of hunger replenishment as it's saturation 4 :p
    I think they are 1 minute, at least that's what it says in the wiki, but it may change depending on your difficulty settings maybe? - http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/haunted-candy/
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  10. What's the purpose of haunted candy? Maybe that would clear some things up.
  11. I am on difficulties 5 and 1 and if I eat one, saturation comes up on my inventory screen with a :15-30 timer. Even a minute though means you have to re-eat every 60 seconds to get the effect, and i can get by eating steak once every few minutes even during fighting or running.
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  12. So there are 20 ticks per second and it replenishes (level) per tick, and 20*15 is 300, and that is level 1. 300*4 is 1200 hunger replenished. That is enough to fill 60 players hunger bars to the brim, and you still can fill 30 if you count saturation.

    I say no, as a matter of fact, it should just be (1 second for level 1) or (1 tick for level 20) to instantly fill the players hunger.
  13. Well I didn't know it would fill it from empty so there's that use which makes it about twice as good as pumpkin pie/steak, but how many hunger bars can you lose in that time. You can't replenish what you can't lose. I do not think you can lose 1200 hunger in :15-1:00.

    The exception, I just realized, is to eat candy and shiny flesh together. Maybe. I will test it while I'm seeing how quickly I can lose hunger.
  14. Actually, it will fill to the brim, then overflow and not gain any, like a cup.
  15. Right, so the same thing as like 3 pieces of bread or 2 steaks. I think the most hunger bars you could restore with this is 12 or 13, not 60, and that is if you eat one right before a sprinting fight while you're healing.
    Again, except when used to counteract hunger from shiny flesh.
  16. Last year, it was saturation 4 for a minute.
    That worked well.
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  17. It's all the same candy as far as I know. I guess it's the best food out there, so I'll enjoy it. I didn't realize saturation filled food bars. I thought it prevented them from emptying for a minute. We all decided that was useless on smp1.
    It's still not very powerful, but if I forget to eat for a bit, candy will fill my hunger bar up I guess.
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  18. Well, if you're running down a 4k block long tunnel in the nether, and the pathway is 2 high, you're sprinting, and constantly spamming the spacebar, it can be really helpful...
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  19. :p Really helpful is still probably an exaggeration. Maybe if you mine while you run, and you're healing the whole time...
  20. Sorry somehow I totally overlooked this post. It regenerates your hunger for one minute. So it will likely fill your hunger bar up and keep it full for that long unless you're also munching on shiny flesh.