[SUGGESTION] Make Ban Appeal Information More Known

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by nfell2009, Jan 4, 2013.


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  1. My suggestion is that banned players should know what to do, yes we have seen our fair share of ban appeal threads and players should be told how to appeal a ban.

    I also thought of like a PM or something that when they are banned they get his:

    Player name: nfell2009
    Reason: Being awesome :cool:
    Banned by: R0bbiejo
    Appeal: Click Here to PM R0bbiejo to appeal

    And there should be a ban appeal form.
    Player name: nfell2009
    What you did: Being too awesome
    Something for them to say there are sorry and other stuff.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Maybe the banned should just PM a mod? Dont really understand.
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  3. Maybe just a PM from SYSTEM, that way its automated and less work :)
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  4. Ok, sure. Will need lots of coding so maybe after things calm down a little.
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  5. Eventually banned players will not even be able to use the website, and will be forced into a ban appeal system...

    but that will be a long long ways away... so much more important stuff to do instead.

    Our priorities are not going to be put on helping those who are doing wrong and breaking rules...

    they will figure it out how to appeal correctly :)
  6. Calm down? Why
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  7. All the messy forum thread appeals could be avoided if each person received a short message in their inbox when they logged into the forum. Something along the lines of:
    NFell2009, you have been banned by Herobrine for too much spam. If you would like to discuss an appeal, please follow this link: http://empireminecraft.com/conversations/add?to=herobrine

    I don't know how many people get banned per day, but it seems like this would be pretty easy to copy paste from notepad or made into some sort of web form that a mod could fill out in a few in a few minutes. There's pretty sophisticated keyboard macro software out there too that could maybe be used.

    Adding a tab to the website menu titled: "Banned?" would do the same and maybe be a bit more eloquent. There could be information about rules and the appeal process along with links to start conversations with Staff or a general form to fill which gets pushed into the Report system.
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  8. I tried appealing to Herobrine, but said user not found :(
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  9. I'd really enjoy that if you're banned in-game you'd get Forum banned and the only thing you could do in forums is Appeal the ban.
    It doesn't seem fair that it doesn't be that way as something like this happened to me a while ago; I got Temp-Ban for like 1-3hours(don't remember) from forums and I remember that when I tried to log to servers I was banned there also for a reason in the forums. Just my way of thinking.

    I can't imagine all the important stuff...( Destroying EMC's Economy )
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  10. Dragon Tombs and updates have to be coded.
  11. Ok, but I posted before Aikar? xD
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  12. Umm...?
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  13. Wait, how do you predict the future?
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  14. I am a Boss, I thought that was already evident! :p
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  15. Since this is getting off topic, closing, but we have ideas to close off forum access to banned players and force them into an appeal process. so that will solve this request.
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