[Suggestion] Lvl 10 normal mobs get tokens

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  1. Simple. Normal mobs on lvl 10 are basically enraged, except they attack normally and don't have fire resistance. They should drop slightly less then enraged on 5, because of the fire effect, but skellys should drop more because of their knock back.
  2. I don't think the whole fire thing would affect it, because as it is, if an enraged mob takes 19 damage from falling and the player kills it, it will drop but 5 tokens. Same thing goes with fire aspect. It is based on the amount of player dealt damage.
  3. I think not every mob should, but i like this idea. I think there should only me a certain chance that a normal mob gives tokens on 10, but at that level there should be a rare reward. The only problem is that people witb mob farms will get a lot.
  4. Remember that mobs on 10 will teleport outside of the grinder :p
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  5. Die finitely a UN-usable thing.
  6. This would be so epic, as long as people could not farm.
    Level 10 is really insane. The couple times I have tried it, I have died a horrid death.
    Was so fun, makes going back to level 5 seem...easy!

    Anyhow, it seems like the reason you only get them from custom mobs or mini bosses, is to really limit the tokens available in the empire. If they were obtainable on level 10, I would just grab god armor, god apples, shiny flesh, and rack up some serious tokens. (well I can dream I can fight well, can't I?)
  7. I have come to resent the way farming is treated in general everywhere on EMC. Every single time a subject like this is brought up, anti-farming becomes a consideration.

    It seems to be the general consensus that someone who puts extra thought and effort into building a structure that allows them to collect items or experience is somehow cheating other people by being more ambitious.

    The old argument that it is not fair doesn't fly with me either. Anyone can build a farm. You can dream up your own design or there a bazillions of YouTube tutorials on them that we all have access to.

    Well, guess what? If you've clipped more Wool than you needed you are a farmer. If you have ever put Sheep in a pen so you could clip more Wool later, you're a farmer. Everyone who has gone out of their way to collect more of anything than they need is farming.

    All you guys running around searching for enraged mobs and killing them for tokens are... farming tokens. Yet one of the first posts in this thread was, Oh no! We can't let people farm tokens!

    You don't need a structure to farm them. In fact, Enraged Mobs and their drops have been designed in a way that makes farming them at all a mind numbing chore. Yet people are grinding all their time away in the pursuit of their drops.

    So the reality is that by trying to keep people from farming them, we've set up a system that does not eliminate farming them. Instead it narrowly defines how they are farmed.

    To satisfy those who don't like farmers, maybe we should restrict the number of tokens people can have in order to keep people from farming them? Many of us have zero tokens so maybe once you have more than the average number of tokens they should stop dropping for you in order to keep you from farming them? Of course that would not be popular. Yet we severely restrict what we might call "traditional farming".

    Minecraft is supposed to be an open ended game where we are free to decide what we do to entertaining ourselves. Some of us like running around killing mobs with swords. Some of us like making machines to kill mobs. Some of us prefer to build and avoid mobs completely.

    Introducing an element like a new mob then forcing all of us to interact with them in only one way goes completely against the spirit of the game in my opinion. If you enjoy running around with a sword searching for and killing Enraged mobs, then by all means do so. If you get rich selling drops from it good for you. But if you don't enjoy building a farm or don't have the energy to build one, please don't restrict my ability to enjoy the game because it is not the way you like to play.
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  8. I think setting a max to the amount of tokens you have would not do any good and would be a very bad idea in each case.
  9. Cheers to that.
    To play devil's advocate though, you have to understand that "farming" - in the sense of building systems and grinders for mob control - is designed specifically to make killing them easier, and undermine the "challenge" part of Challenge Tokens. And to be clear: the mobs themselves are meant as the challenge, not the construction of such a system or mechanism. Hopefully you can see why in this particular case, "anti-farming" measures are a legitimate concern.

    Mind you, I'm not really in favor of any system that's only going to reward those who come for the PvE, but that's a complaint about the tokens themselves.
  10. i think like if they were 50 50 1 token per regular lvl mob kill it wouldnt be that bad. even if you kill 30 regular mobs a night (not an easy feat on 10) you get 15 tokens. its a drop in the bucket since you can get 30 on 7 from one enraged. i think it would have more people playing on 10 tho which would bump prices on diamonds and thus make tokens more intrinsically valuable.
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  11. By weighting the system against farming we are defining what a legitimate way is to collect tokens or dragons stone fragments and making it less fun by reducing the variety of ways we can play the game. Remember Wild Protections? I once thought it was an achievable goal for me but there are just so many hoops I'm willing to jump through before I lose interest. Telling me how I have to jump through those hoops makes it even less interesting and is like rubbing salt into the wound besides.

    The Enraged system is so heavily weighted against farming that I'll never achieve the goals I've set for MYSELF of using any of this stuff just by playing normally. In fact it is set up in such a way that you pretty much have to farm Enraged but you must do it in a way that someone else has decided is the correct way to do it. I don't think it should matter to anyone else whether I kill a skeleton by beating him to death with a Bucket or push him off a cliff using a Rube Goldberg machine as long as I enjoy myself.

    I got thoroughly burnt out on Enraged a long time ago trying to get just one Dragon Stone. My Token count best shows how enthusiastic I am about them. I have zero tokens. At this point I'm not sure what carrot the development team could possibly dangle before my eyes to motivate me to kill more mobs than just those who happen to spawn near me while doing other things.

    I didn't say it earlier but I am all for scaled token drops from all mobs. At least then I might have a shot at getting some tokens by playing the way I consider fun and normal.
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  12. Pab, I cannot decide which I would want to see more, but I am leaning towards beating him to death with a Bucket.

    I think that farming is, and always will be a part of MC. It is just a 'non-traditional' way of obtaining items. MC code dictates conditions how and when things spawn or behave. Traditional farms 'exploit' these conditions to make collecting 'easier'. Absolutely nothing wrong with this. If you don't like farms, simply don't use them! I use farms, and have no qualms about doing so! Seems like those without farms could be jelly of those who do have farms?

    My comment about farming currency, is just that... farming items, awesome. Farming money? Not awesome.

    Whats good about the dragon fragments, is that they can be bought and sold, so those who do not wish to hunt enraged to not have to (assuming that they partake in the economy).
    I love going out mob hunting, so the burden on me on any of this is minimal.

    I am curious as to how the Tokens (as they cannot be transferred) will work. Will tokens be exchanged for items that we can sell to others? (like /tokenshop?) I hope that regardless of what a player collects, that there will be a way of transferring the end results of their work from one player to another. (ie tokens exchanged for an enchanted...piece of paper called 'deed for wild protection of a 60x60 area...that can be bought and sold with traditional rupees)... or what not. Then tying those 'deeds' into a players status, so in the unfortunate event that if a player leaves, the wild area could either be transferred to another player (who will stay), or would become open again. I guess time will tell how this will all tie together.

    I do think Pab10S has some good points regarding wild protection.
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