[Suggestion] Lower the height on which we can build across the road

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  1. Greetings EMCians!

    I got a suggestion for your minds to chew on! (yes, chew on, your minds all have nasty teeth!).

    As some of you know it's possible to build across the roads at Y=129. My suggestion is to lower this height to y=85. This leaves 20 blocks of air before builds go across the road. Road level is y=64.

    Thoughts? Ideas?

    Shoot 'em at me!

  2. bumpyyyyy
  3. Do you remember the original causation for that height?

    It's set at the old height limit and only expanded into the roads when the height limits expanded due to how the residences were logged in the new space...
  4. I'm sorry, but could you explain that again? :p
  5. The old maximum build height of Minecraft was 128, but when they hit a certain version (I don't remember what version changed this) it updated it to the current 256, anything above 128 was considered 'new space' and therefor you can build over the road.
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  6. Isn't there a way to edit the y=1 to y=128 residence boxes to go over the road at y=85?

    Or would you recommend just getting staff to do that for you :p
  7. It is possible to edit the set-up code-wise, but I will need to speak with Aikar about logistics involved and we want to maintain a good flow on the current projects. So in conclusion, we neither accept, nor deny the suggestion. It's just tabled for now while the rest of the 'pile' of code is worked on first.

    For now, I'd suggest a senior staff service for whatever project you have planned. It's relatively inexpensive, especially with the supporter discounts, and gets things done sans code.
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