[Suggestion] Locked Chests with more then 3 friend access!

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  1. Just wondering, and though I skimmed through the other suggestions I didn't see it asked, is there a way you can make it to where more then just 3 people can access a locked chest in the Wild. I have myself, CashMan82, Vito1968, and the new addition, Knightlink. We can all get access to the locked chests except for the new guy Knightlink. I tried using access signs but it cant be done in the wild, and using another locked sign can't be used. It's just a thought.
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  2. This could completely be possible but i see not to much use. 3 people seems to be enough for most people.
  3. Good suggestion, it may be quite hard though as there are a limited amount of lines for text on a sign. Although being able to use. 2 signs would be good - the only problem is that other people could go around giving themselves access to random people's chests.
  4. It's a simple upgrade of the locking system, well I have no idea if it will be simple but we could possibly have a lock GUI show up and have a list of players to add, when you place a sign above a chest and type [LOCK] on the first line a GUI pops up and you are able to add as many players that you want, and if you want to add someone you right click the sign, this way people don't have to waste 500r every time someone joins their outpost or group. I don't know I thought it was a good idea...
  5. GUIs like that are not possible without a client side mod :)
  6. Ah, true, true... well... I guess it could happen the same way vault does, when you type /vault a GUI shows up that looks like a Large Chest could we do the same thing with a sign, so you look at a locked sign and if you are the owner you type /lock sign and it shows up a book GUI or somethin I don't know just spit balling here... :p
  7. I don't think this is mostly possible.
  8. Place signed book on either A - Inside chest with names inside a certain format or B - Place in a item frame above chest and make it so only certain people can break it
  9. It will be possible with the 1.7 plugin system.
  10. Come to think of it, why not a guild/clan/league vault
    Just have somebody donate an amount and then only people in your core group can get in.

    As for the chests, I suggested it because I have more then just 2 other friends playing with me, and it is less expensive for signs and locked systems and convenient by way of making sure that both chests from the overflow group chest is properly full.
  11. This has been suggested and might be in the works but wasnt able to find it on the tracker, ishall do some more poking around
  12. Something like this might be what you're looking for: http://track.empire.us/issue/EMC-185
  13. yeah saw that on but talking more about the adding of ore names to a locked chest sign for as long as the chest exsist
  14. Wild Protections Update: Claim the chunk the chest is in then set container permissions for everyone who should be able to access the chest. No Locking necessary. Eta: Dependent on Dragon Tomb Update.
  15. yeah but not every joe blow well be able to afford to claim an area and even then you done want every one to have container perms
  16. technically yes everyone WILL be able to, just have to put in the effort =P

    I actually have an idea on how we could implement editable lock signs with tons of names.... using books!

    Could open a virtual chest on right clicking the sign from the owner of a lock, and user puts in a book (doesnt have to be signed) with names of people who can access it, then they can always pull it out and edit the book to change the names, and only the owner can do it.

  17. see this is why i love you,
  18. You probably know better than I do how it might be priced, but I would hope four guys who want to put up a one chunk treasure room in the Wild could at least afford to go in together on it.
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  19. Thats what Im talking about.