(Suggestion) Lockable Beacons

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  1. Now what wild outpost would be complete without a regeneration buff? Well sadly that is not so because of the fear of theft and robbery. However if the kind moderators and admins of EMC could impliment a way of locking the beacons so no one can steal them, that would be great.
  2. Beacons aren't containers. Only containers can be locked - blocks can only be locked through means of world protection plugins.
  3. The most reasonable thing the staff could do is monitor who breaks beacons. Then you can at least know who broke/took it
  4. Yes but then the person who took it gets banned and you are still beaconless.
  5. That is actuctally a good idea, beacons are scarce enough we could possibly monitor who breaks them.
  6. Just a suggestion, im not in any way shape or form know anything about coding so i honestly dont know if it is possible.
  7. It sounds good, but then beacons would have to be specified as containers.
  8. It is possible. Basically it's just like locking a chest in that only you could break it/change it's settings, but you aren't able to safely guarantee your expensive pyramid below it.
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