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  1. As everyone knows- you can lock Chests in the Wilderness. But not everybody knows you can also lock Crafting tables, jukeboxes, Brewing Stands, Cauldrons, Furnaces, Dispensers, and Enchantment Tables. This is not where my question lies. You can give access to other Members by putting them on the 3rd or 4th line- They can not remove the lock or the locked-item. What I want to know is- can you put EVERYONE on one of the lines and anyone can use those in the wild, but not remove them.

    If this feature is not currently in the game- I will have it moved to the suggestion box.

    EDIT: This will be moved to the Suggestion Box Section, it is not currently in the game. The purpose of this is to allow anyone to use a utility, but doesn't let them to Grief and steal it. This would be similar to putting an [ACCESS] EVERYONE Sign for a public Enchanting Table on your residence.
  2. Um why would i.. oh nvm nice ideas
  3. So... if you don't want somthing destroyed you would put a locked sign with everyone on it? SMART! Because I had an enchanting table and someone stole it!!!!! :(
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  4. Exactly! I have made enough money that the locking cost would be minor, but it can be a ton of work to get 2 more diamonds to replace that enchanting table every other day
  5. Hmm, I like most of us (I assume) first thought why would you ever want to do this, but the whole not being able to get destroyed thing makes perfect sense, very good idea.
  6. Well I am going to test this now- If it does work- I will state so... If it doesn't- I will have a mod. move this to the Suggestion box
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  7. Makes sense.Support.

    But a sign on enchant table would take out a few levels :c
  8. I PMed a Mod to move this to the suggestion Box- I will be add an edit to the OP

    If you do it right- It wouldn't have to- plus You only need 15 Bookcases in 1.3.1- opposed to the current 30 for a max enchant.
  9. ....doesn't matter in 1.3
  10. I support this, as long as the 1000R fee is kept.
  11. Oh,I completely forgot about this :p
  12. of Course
  13. WELL. I do have a a stack of diamond blocks... I think I'm good.
  14. Will the end reset? i have a chest in it
  15. Can tnt explode locked chests?
  16. You can lock anything classed as a 'container', which is chests, furnace, crafting table, brewing stand, enchantment table, etc. Basically any item which allows you to place an item in it can be locked. :)
  17. Yes I know you can lock those- But the suggestion is: I want there to be an Everyone access option to it. Similar to the Residential access signs.
  18. Ahh sorry, my mistake, i read it in a rush. :p
    It shouldn't be a hard thing to code I imagine, but great suggestion. :)
  19. Lol, it's ok- I do the same thing sometimes :)
  20. Enchantment table r use in town