[Suggestion] Live map on the end

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  1. I suggest Putting a Live map of the end as the one of nether, town and Wild. Many Ppl can get lost there and is a very dangerous place.

    What are your opinions?
  2. Yes Please! Side Note (I would also like the coordinates for the end on smp2 LMAO because every time I ask no one answers me.)
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  4. I feel so dumb that I didn't notice this...
  5. I was wondering bout this, but in order to get to the end, you must go to the wild too. but i idk, this would be helpful...
  6. Not many ppl know the end coords and we should do an anti griefing team in each end
  7. Actually, with one pumpkin, the End is the safest place you can be (outside of town).
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  8. Not many ppl have access to pumpkins lol.
    Well, being serious not many ppl know that pumpkin thing
  9. Here let me tell the whole world. If you put a pumpkin on your head, and stare at endermen... Absolutely nothing will happen! :) Isnt that amazing! Just joking endermen don't get angry at you if you stare at them with a pumpkin on your head. But the drawback is that its really hard to see.
  10. I know how it works, no need on explain it
  11. Just make your pumpkinblur.PNG blank and it's perfect. :-P
  12. Was just going to suggest that too:p Its definitely worth the effort!
  13. Im sorry I was not just telling you, I was trying to help the rest of the people out there.
  14. Seriously? I'm pretty sure you can buy a pumpkin for 1r.
    Also, I don't think we should have livemap for The End. Any structure made there will be extremely grief-prone, and I don't think it's easy to get lost there - it's only a few hundred blocks wide (not including any man-made structures).
    I'd recommend using Rei's Minimap instead.
  15. I disagree with this. First, the end is a pretty small place compared to the wild, and a few minutes of exploring can get you back to the portal. Second, there are a lot of enderman grinders, and with the end being so small, even /map hide wouldn't work well at all. The nether and wild are virtually impossible to scour until you find, say, a grinder.
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  16. Could you tell me where's that file? I need to do that ;P
  17. I think its in your texture pack file
  18. You can find pumpkinblur.png in .minecraft>Texturepacks>*Texturepack Name*>misc
  19. The pumpkin thing was a joke. We can do an anti griefing team