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  1. This thread extends on conversations in the latter pages of the dragon tombs thread.

    So, as some of you may know Aikar has revealed the possibility of live map changes to try to prevent griefings. Now I personally don't like his idea so after much discussion with Kilmannan and other players I think I have the best idea.

    So basically my idea will make the live map just a way to view what the world looks like. So the live map will be reloaded so that it shows what the world looks like when it was newly generated. Any modifications to the world would not be displayed on the live map unless your player comes within maybe 500 blocks of them. You would also only be able to see players on the map if they are within 500 blocks of your player. The /map hide command would still work to hide your player.

    And then comes the problem of wormholes. Wormholes are basically big trails of loaded areas within unloaded areas. My idea is that if you have /map hide on the map would not load or it would only load if your logged into the site.

    So this will basically protect peoples work and location in the wild and still allow people(Like me) to find locations on the live map or to just browse it.

    What are your ideas. Any changes, suggestions, extra features?
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  2. 1 - It is possible to have Live Map deactivated for various groups / players, etc. I confirmed this with the creator of Live Map who said it's a simple enough tweak

    2 - Showing the map in its original state would lead to alot of annoyed players who trek out to a sand biome or forest to find it's already been harvested and is all gone

    3 - It's an overly complex solution when the easiest would be to have Live Map act as a 'Fog of War' so it doesn't show an area until you, yourself, have explored it which in turn would really add to the 'Survival' and 'Adventure' side of Minecraft.

  3. For 2 maybe it could use Aikars algorithm for finding player built structures in the spawning of portals to the drgon tombs. So it could show limited building.

    For 3 I enjoy being able to see where I am going on a journey, see if I need a boat and see about how long it will take. And also I like looking around the live map to find places for different bases and outposts etc.
  4. or maybe, it like wont show player placed blocks, but anything youve left clicked will be gone? sounds complicated just when i explain it lol
  5. The thing is, either way, the map will still show where you've gone (Outside the 50k).

    If you need a boat, you punch a tree. :) As for how long it'll take to go somewhere, well, it'd just be a case of setting off until you get to what you're looking for.

    Live Map isn't a feature of MC, it's a plugin. Vanilla MC doesn't have it, and I think it's better for it as it really adds a sense of mystery and adventure to the game.
  6. well it will show the squiggly line of where ive been and if i have cleared anything out, but it wont show any structures or placed blocks so thats a roll of the dice
    i think the idea here is to make it more difficult for people you dont want to get wherever not more difficult for everyone
    i have beacons and all kinds of stuff out there i wouldnt want to not be able to find cause map doesent give me some kind of hint
  7. You've got co-ordinates though, and plenty of very good Map mods that let you drop markers, etc, such as Resumi's mod map.
  8. you just argued that map isnt vanilla, and then encouraged use of a mod instead of map lol, just pointing out the irony
  9. What's your point? You seen to be saying you can't find your way about without Live Map.
    I'm offering alternatives to your situation. Anyone that gets lost in the Wild, isn't paying attention. If you note your co-ords of where you've been, going, where your stuff is, etc, you don't need Live Map or third party mods.

    If you struggle, then in terms of keeping griefing down, you're better off using third party mods instead of Live Map which everyone can see, use, and subsequently, abuse, until such time as it's styled into a more 'exploration' plugin.

    On a side note, using Resumi's map mod as an example, it's a hundred times better than Live Map in that it's contained within the MC GUI, allows you to place markes, and all other sorts of fancy stuff. So realistically, EMC could just ditch Live Map altogether and simply advocate the use of a Map mod.
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  10. My reaction to Aikar's idea:
    Another reaction to his idea:

    My reaction to your idea:
    snother reaction to your idea :p:
  11. I definitely agree wrt 'Fog Of War' concept - this should be a general aspect of the game, not just for dragon tombs - after all what point is there in making maps (which is really an essential in true vanilla) if it's all there already for everyone to see?
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  12. P.S. I reckon also it would stop 90% of griefing :) (Not that I've had any problems with that since the very early Empire days)
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  13. I have also been completely grief free, but the problem I have, is I can't go into the Nether because I am -so- far out, any Portals would land me outside the 50k generated in the Nether, and if you were to do the maths, and look at Live Map, well, you couldn't miss me. ;)
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  14. I wish I could use the live map in the first place
  15. like i said, was just pointing out irony (which i find funny)