[SUGGESTION] Levels for Skills

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  1. Hey Guys,

    My suggestion is that there are levels for different things such as, wood cutting, mining, digging, fishing, herbalism, swords, bows, brewing etc. However these would have no effect on the game, there wouldn't be any powerups and there won't be any Power level or anything. It would just be there so you can set yourself goals to get to different levels. There will also be awards and for every 25 levels you gain for each skill (like couple of diamonds or something). I feel this will make mining, archery, brewing, digging, fishing etc more fun! I realise this will sort of be a copy to MCMMO but there wont be any powerups or Power level stuff, just for making the boring stuff a bit more fun than it would be doing it for nothing. If you want to say something negative, please say it in a positive way! The option to have this enabled with be in /ps

    Hope you like my idea,

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  2. I think EMC is already far enough from vanilla XD
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  3. This wouldn't effect anything in game, just making things a bit more fun! not really making it further away from vanilla. Just my opinion
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  4. Hmm I read it wrong and thought that the powers and abilities would be there too. I suppose it can't hurt but it should be toggleable in /ps.
  5. Good Idea!!!
  6. so u want mc mmo
    this would ruin the vanilla feel and makes it a contest to do the best it makes pvp way to easy for those with a high level and makes farming 2 op same a fishing brewing and mining
  7. He specifically said not mcmmo.. There's no powers or abilities.
  8. If it gives no real benefit I can't see why it should be added. At least give some rewards...
  9. If I could counter suggest, maybe an idea would be to give a tiny xp drop from manually doing things as opposed to farming them. This may accomplish what cake wanted, and would only benefit those who don't build op farms ( guess I'm out of luck again:p)