[SUGGESTION] Let Players Design PvP Arenas

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Should players have the opportunity to design their own arenas?

Yes! 7 vote(s) 87.5%
No, it should be left to the staff members to design them. 1 vote(s) 12.5%
  1. I'm suggesting that EMC adds a feature to let players try to design PvP Arenas. This wouldn't require any coding; just adding a forum section for it. If a player decides they want to try to build their own PvP arena, they can make one in a Single Player world and submit a schematic of it through the forums. The community can vote on it and/or the staff can decide to put it into the PvP area. This will add diversity to the PvP arenas and shouldn't require any coding.
  2. Half of me is saying that is a great idea, but it should be more of a staff build in my opinion.
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  3. they should make it a contest u build a arena and the best 1 (voted by players) is added to pvp
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  4. A contest seems like a nice idea, actually.
  5. We actually do allow this already, we're just not going to make it a whole section of the forums. If you're interested in building, then make one, give me some pictures in a conversation and we can work to perfect it, then decide which older one to replace. Keeping things fresh is never a bad thing. Try to keep in mind things such as player vantage points, etc while building.

    I had one or two people already message me their ideas.
  6. What are the dimensions of the PvP arenas? Do most people already know that they're allowed to do this?
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  7. no
  8. You'll have to measure those out yourself as I don't have them on hand.

    We don't really need to make a giant post calling for input. If you have an idea about anything for the server builds, you are more than welcome to let me know and show me what you have. I think some members of the community were trying to work on an updated /fun a while back too. Not everything has to be build team.